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2011 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award Winners

I’m going to be pretentious for a second and show my love for The Tree Of Life’s wins. I bloody loved that film (read my review here) and am glad someone sided with Malick for Best Director. It totally deserves its wins for Cinematography, but something tells me it won’t all play out how I want come January. Also so glad with the amount of recognition Jessica Chastain is getting for her insanely impressive breakout year – and checkout the cheeky nod to X-Men: First Class in regards to Fassbender. Love it. It’s only really the winners for Best Film and Best Actress that are surprises, with a nice shout in regards to Best Screenplay. But anyway, check out the winners in full below: Continue reading

2011 New York Film Critics Online Award Winners

I have to admit that I’m preferring the Awards that don’t feature quite so heavily in regards to The Artist, but hey, I’m just being difficult. Great to see Michael Shannon get some proper recognition here and also very happy to see Albert Brooks continuing today’s little run of wins. But I’m mainly happy about Tintin’s prize, even if it is hard to truly decide whether it is ‘Animated’ or not. Check out the winners in full below: Continue reading

2011 AFI Top Ten Films

The American Film Institute have announced their Top Ten Films of 2011. Interesting to see that the currently embargoed Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was allowed to creep in there. How closely will this relate to January’s final Oscar nominees? We will just have to wait and see. Check them out below: Continue reading

What I’m Watching – November

This list only includes films I watched for the first time this month. My most recent viewing is the top entry:

50/50 (Dir: Jonathan Levine, 2011) ****

Immortals (Dir: Tarsem, 2011) ***

Arthur Christmas (Dir: Sarah Smith, 2011) ****

Happy Feet Two (Dir: George Miller, 2011) ***

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (Dir: Bill Condon, 2011) ****

(500) Days Of Summer (Dir: Marc Webb, 2009) ****

So What Do I Actually Own?

Ok, I confess, this isn’t actually my DVD collection. But I definitely aspire to this.

For the massive film geek that I am, my personal collection is rather humble.

But regardless of this I thought I’d share it with you, update it when it’s added to (plus it helps me realise who I’ve loaned certain films out to….!) and be told off for the missing necessities.

Note that I have left out any TV series or music-related DVDs.

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