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Interview: Phil Lord And Chris Miller Talk 21 Jump Street And The Lego Movie As ‘Inception For Kids’ – HeyUGuys

To celebrate the release of 21 Jump Street on DVD and Blu-ray, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak to the directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, about the film and their upcoming projects.

Touching on everything from Channing Tatum’s love for improvising stunts to Tom Selleck’s moustache, it’s fair to say our interview covered rather a lot of ground! Every inch as charming and entertaining as you’d expect, the pair gave a brilliant insight into the funniest film of the year.

Please check out my interview here.

DVD Review: 21 Jump Street – HeyUGuys

21 Jump Street was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK yesterday. To check out my review for HeyUGuys, please click here.

DVD Review: Moneyball – HeyUGuys

Moneyball was also released on DVD on Monday. To check out the Blu-ray review I did for HeyUGuys, just click here.

So What Do I Actually Own?

Ok, I confess, this isn’t actually my DVD collection. But I definitely aspire to this.

For the massive film geek that I am, my personal collection is rather humble.

But regardless of this I thought I’d share it with you, update it when it’s added to (plus it helps me realise who I’ve loaned certain films out to….!) and be told off for the missing necessities.

Note that I have left out any TV series or music-related DVDs.

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