Let’s Get The Top Ten Of 2012 Underway, Shall We?

You know the drill by now. I update this list (in accordance with UK release dates) throughout the year and then publish my final Top Ten after the Oscar winners receive their statues. It’s only April and there’s plenty more to be seen and plenty I haven’t yet watched, but it’s time to get the ball rolling and keep this list in order:

1. Shame

2. Beasts Of The Southern Wild

3. Life Of Pi

4 Moonrise Kingdom

5. Looper

6. Untouchable

7. Argo

8. Anna Karenina

9. Killer Joe

10. Unconditional

6 responses to “Let’s Get The Top Ten Of 2012 Underway, Shall We?

  1. just saw The Hunger Games last week; great movie!

  2. A. Nonymous


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  4. You actually enjoyed Looper?? Could you explain it to me please… I didn’t get it… It touched on timetravel, but at least in let’s say JCVD’s timecop I got the point behind it… Here in this it was just confusing..How come the kid had supernatural powers as a kid, before he became the “rainmaker”…?

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