Trailer Talk: High School Reunions, Scottish Princesses, Pregnancy And A French Romance

The end of the world, Bollywood Bond, Stifler returns, confused teens, Scottish princesses, sexual fetishes, French romances, really rubbish horror, really amazing fight scenes, high school papers, sleeping around, pregnancy, lots of Gods and stunning child’s play – let’s talk trailers:


EMMA: Sorry to do this to you, guys. Last week we ended with the apocalypse and this week we start with it! But in comparison with last week’s, 4:44 has a remarkable sense of realism to it, mixed with a tinge of documentary. It looks really fascinating and I like that apart from Dafoe, most people are relative unknowns which will potentially make us feel differently about their fate. I’m also very grateful we’re not told the reasoning for the end of the world. Let’s hope this film is a nice little surprise when it eventually hits our shores.

NADINE: There are so many apocalyptic films coming out! 4:44 looks quite stunning in how Dafoe’s character tries to stop people committing suicide before the world actually ends. I think the film can go either way and so will be fantastic or quite poor. It’s obviously gained recognition from some festivals, but what will the audiences think of this apocalyptic flick?


EMMA: Well this looks suitably bonkers. Even without subtitles, it’s very easy to work out what’s going on and it seems to aspire to be a Bourne or Bond with a Bollywood edge. Either way, I’d be surprised if there’s much more depth to this than girls and gangsters, but it looks like a lot of fun. I’m disappointed those claps at the beginning didn’t lead into a Bollywood rendition of Rose Royce’s Car Wash, though.

NADINE: I don’t quite understand what is going on here, but the soundtrack is fun! From that, I’m sensing the film is a little comical but mostly swimming in action galore. I’m not going to see this film, but whoever does is sure to have a fun experience.


EMMA: This is definitely the best trailer we’ve seen so far for American Reunion, but I find it very hard to comment on as I’ve only (strangely) seen the third installment of the series, as it never really appealed to me. I can definitely see how this trailer would make a lot of fans excited and it actually makes me want to catch up on the other films ready for its May release in the UK. I adore Jennifer Coolidge and even though I’ve seen it plenty of times now, that scene at the end with her and Jim’s dad never fails to crack me up.

NADINE: It’s that last scene between Stifler’s Mom and Jim’s Dad that always gets me – I have no idea why, but I find it hilarious! Other than that, Reunion doesn’t look amazing but it’s sure to be on the same level as the original trilogy leaving lifelong fans satisfied (I hope). It looks crude and distasteful, but that’s expected of Jim and the gang. It’s definitely going to do well this summer.


EMMA: I absolutely love the look of this! I hope the film lives up to the trailer, even though it’s one of those films where I worry some of the actors won’t be as strong as others in the ensemble. It looks kooky, a little individual and like it’s got a whole lotta soul-searching going on, so count me the hell in.

NADINE: Sometimes with films, I don’t like the trailers even if I like the look of the film and this is an example. I don’t know why I don’t like the trailer. Perhaps  it should have been presented in a different way, but I think Blue Like Jazz looks like a film I’d enjoy.


EMMA: I love how Pixar have been a little, well, brave, and gone down a slightly unconventional route to release a trailer that’s little more than an elongated clip. But what a glorious clip it is and it’s the first time we’ve had a real chance to get any insight on the other characters beside Merida. Amongst the comedy, we see more of our heroine’s feisty side and that her mother doesn’t always see eye to eye with her. I’m really looking forward to this.

NADINE: Like everyone, I’m very excited for Pixar’s next release. Though Brave doesn’t look as straightforward as most Pixar features, the animation looks absolutely STUNNING. Merida’s hair especially is absolutely beautiful and the vocal talents here are beyond incredible. I can’t really say anything bad about this clip/trailer! While most give away a lot of the plot, this one is intriguing, exciting and shows us a little more of what the princess is like – quite rebellious, strong and she doesn’t seem to like being a princess, does she? There is nothing bad to say here, I love the colours, the sound effects and all the accents are wonderful. I just don’t think I can wait until August!


EMMA: This trailer really surprised me. In a good way. From what I’d heard about it over the last couple of months, the idea behind Cherry seemed really seedy and didn’t really have me too interested. But the trailer appears far more focused on intertwining relationships and really has me wanting to know just how everyone is involved with our main protagonist. Yes, it screams indie, but hopefully the clichés will be few and far between to make this an interesting and engaging ensemble piece. Somehow I’m not convinced just yet.

NADINE: On hearing about Cherry, I found the trailer to be a lot different to what I expected. It has a very indie feel about it which I think will work well and this looks to be a promising breakout role for Ashley Hinshaw. Heather Graham and James Franco look like good additions to the cast, with both roles appearing to be important parts of the story for Cherry.


EMMA: Audrey Tautou you are sublime. I am so pleased we are not treated as complete idiots here and that there isn’t a subtitle in sight. This also means people can’t go in expecting it to be American. We still know there’ll be one or two of those, though. This looks charming and very sweet, although it’s clear to see there’s a lot of heartache and tough decisions in there too. There are so many fantastic French films around at the moment and I think this is another one to add to the list. It looks absolutely delightful.

NADINE: Isn’t Audrey Tautou just wonderful? In her usual manner, Tautou makes Delicacy looks very sweet and charming while also very fun. It’s nice to see such an innocent romantic comedy being made compared to some of the bizarre romcoms that appear out of Hollywood. The trailer isn’t subtitled, but there is no need as there is plenty to go by simply from the visuals. It’s a role that is not completely new to Tautou, but she always delivers sweet, endearing performances so I’m very much looking forward to Delicacy!


EMMA: I hate horror films, but this isn’t even scary. And unless I’m very much mistaken I’ve just been shown who’s behind it all and every single murder in the film. So that’s just saved me the price of admission, cheers.

NADINE: I don’t know if I should admit I got a bit frightened at the tension, but I did anyway. Altogether, this looks stupid and so overdone that I don’t think even horror fans will find this trailer appealing.


EMMA: Now this is my sort of movie! I’ve been excited about this for a very long time now and I think it’s absolutely fascinating that the director’s Welsh. The fight choreography looks absolutely insane and I like how Mike Shinoda’s on scoring duties. Check out Jamie Neish’s review from the Glasgow Film Festival here and start getting excited.

NADINE: I’ve heard a lot about The Raid and it’s quite clear why! ‘One of the best action films of the year’ is quite a bold title to live up to and from what I’ve heard, it deserves it. It’s not something I’d go out of my way to see, but would definitely rent or watch on TV. However, The Raid looks like a great cinematic experience that I might just have to get off my bum to watch! It looks exciting and also very violent (this is the Green Band!) and I know a lot of people who will want to see it.


EMMA: Say what you want, but I absolutely love the look of this. And it’s all down to Chris Colfer. I think he’s an extremely talented guy and the pairing of him and Rebel Wilson could be an absolute dream if pulled off to perfection – Allison Janney adds another level of excitement, obviously. There’s just something about it that stands out from and above your average high school movie – it looks like it has brains. I really, really hope this does well.

NADINE: Written by and starring Chris Colfer, Struck By Lightning is going to sell well already. Glee fans are going to go mental about this! Directed by Brian Dannelly (director of a few episodes of United States of Tara and Weeds) and starring a handful of delightful actors – Sarah Hyland, Dermot Mulroney, Christina Hendricks and Bridesmaids’ Rebel Wilson – the film has it in it to be really, really good. Sadly, the trailer has shown a lot of the plot and I don’t think there are going to be any twists or turns by the looks of it, but I still really like this! It looks like a different twist on the average high school flick while almost being quite indie and quirky.


EMMA: Maybe it’s because it’s twenty to four in the morning, but this trailer has confused me a little. And did they really have to give away the connection with Larson’s character?! That would have been a great little surprise! She does look so different, though, as she was hot as hell as Envy in Scott Pilgrim. I don’t particularly think this trailer does the film a lot of favours, but we’ll see what the next one’s like. I do like the cliffhanger effect of the last few seconds, though.

NADINE: I’m torn between either really liking the look of The Trouble With Bliss or not liking the look of it. One thing is for sure and that is that I will probably see it for Brie Larson alone, who I thought was great as Envy in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but needs to have much greater roles for the talent she has. Michael C. Hall looks completely different and for a second I found him unrecognisable compared to Dexter. I do find the comedy part of TTWB quite quirky and it’s not rude enough to be awkward or unlikable. From rambling on a bit I’ve decided I am sticking with really liking the look of The Trouble With Bliss!


EMMA: Well, you can tell this is the UK trailer when Cheryl Cole makes a fleeting appearance! The thing that elevates this above other ensemble casts of late – New Year’s Eve, He’s Just Not That Into You, etc – is that Shauna Cross, the writer of Whip It is on scripting duties. That’s got to make some kind of difference, right?! The presence of Anna Kendrick makes me smile and with others like Rebel Wilson and Elizabeth Banks, this is guaranteed to be less bland than some of the recent films in this vein. I think this could be a nice little surprise.

NADINE: I really hope this is as good as all the trailers are making it seem! I laughed a lot at the last part of the trailer and overall I think the cast is quite wonderful. Elizabeth Banks looks hilarious, I love everything Anna Kendrick does and again, Rebel Wilson looks to give a lot of funny moments. ‘The Dudes’ part of the trailer made me crack up and I think the comedy for What To Expect When You’re Expecting will veer away from being too crude (of course it’ll have to be on some part seeing as there are babies and sex, etc!). Yes, I am very much looking forward to this.


EMMA: There’s so much going on in this trailer, but I just couldn’t care less. And oh Sam, you only say about two lines in this trailer and both of them sound just a little too Australian. This trailer is obviously designed for 3D and there’s so much going on, but I really do not find myself interested in the slightest about Wrath Of The Shite-ans Titans.

NADINE: I’m still questioning why the second film is here and why Sam Worthington’s Perseus has somehow grown a very large curly lock of hair but hey, he has a nice voice. The thing is, I adore films about myths and legends, especially the Gods, so some of the creatures and effects really appeal to me. There’s a lot more action by the looks of things and the film is going to attempt to go all out in 3D which will no doubt end in an ugly mess, but it’s what the majority of audiences want to see. I’m upset that Gemma Arterton hasn’t miraculously returned for the sequel most of all, so I’m quite saddened by this trailer.


EMMA: This film looks absolutely beautiful. What is interesting is that director Clay Jeter is also a cinematographer and one of two people credited as such on this film. I love the age difference between Jess and Moss and how they seem to have such carefree adventures together. I wonder how much of a set narrative the film will take, but regardless I think it’s going to be absolutely stunning to watch and a real reminiscent beauty.

NADINE: This looks like a pure delight and very, very stunning. By the looks of the trailer, Jess + Moss doesn’t look like a film for everyone from the sparse dialogue and more visual focus. I’m not exactly sure if the story will be very bold to keep it all together, but the visuals and cinematography in themselves look beautiful. It looks sweet, charming and has elements of films such as (500) Days Of Summer and a little Terrence Malick flare to it. I would like to see Jess + Moss in full to grasp a real opinion as I’m completely torn with if I like this trailer or not!

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