Well That’s Just Silly

Name change?


4 responses to “Well That’s Just Silly

  1. I’m more offended by how completely awful that poster is, but that name change is totally unnecessary too. Yech.

    At least the most recent trailer is exciting.

    • I had a dream last night about being excruciatingly let down by the film… I hope this wasn’t a sign.

      • I’m not too worried; Whedon often knows what he’s doing, though it’s always interesting seeing a guy who works primarily in TV try his hand at a feature-length film. If nothing else it’ll be an interesting franchising exercise.

      • Absolutely. I have faith. And if all else fails, we know Hiddleston and Downey Jr. won’t lose any respectability. I’m possibly in love with Hiddleston, it has to be said.

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