2012 Oscar Predictions: The Voice Of The People – Sort Of

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (follow me @iamnotwaynegale), yesterday you would have been introduced to my next door neighbour, Becca, who provided that fabulous gem, “Did Timothy Spall play James Bond?” Quite honestly I was impressed she knew who he was.

When doing my rather amazing impression of Ryan Gosling talking to his daughter Frankie in Blue Valentine, Becca will go off at a tangent, talking about Frankie from Hollyoaks. And last week she made the cardinal sin – asking if Drive was like Fast And The Furious. Oh, and apparently Henry Cavill looks like a guy from Emmerdale on the Immortals standee. Feel my pain yet?

So, as she seems to be my own personal Karl Pilkington, I decided I should get her Oscar predictions, which was even more fun seeing as she’s only seen The Help and The Iron Lady. Check out the voice of the people’s Oscar picks below:

War Horse is a resounding favourite for Bec, taking Best Picture, Cinematography and Sound Mixing, yet interestingly not Best Director. She opted for Best Picture as “War Horse is directed by Steven Spielberg and he’s pretty good” and the Sound Mixing win is because “it’s filmed in a war and got a lot of noise.” Stellar reasoning.

Gary Oldman wins for Tinker Tailor because “he’s on the poster in your room”, with “that fella from My Week With Marilyn” her choice for Best Supporting. Meryl Streep was “really, really good” in The Iron Lady, but Bec’s far more interested in “the eat my shit woman” taking the Award for The Help.

However, my favourite prediction has to be the inspired pick of “Marty, Mark? What’s he called again?!” That, ladies and gentleman, would be Martin Scorsese for Hugo, picked because “Joey talks about him in Friends.” I shit you not.

Slightly more controversially, The Barber Of Birmingham is her choice for Documentary Short as it’s “the token Black win”, even though she’d already shown her love for The Help, with Footnote winning Best Foreign film as it reminds her of Footloose.

Very kindly, Harry Potter gets its chance in the Art Direction category as “I’ve already said War Horse twice” and VFX as “I was impressed by the dragon and Rupert Grint’s a pretty visual effect.” The Iron Lady wins make-up as “they made it so if you saw Meryl Streep in the street you might not even know that she’s not Margaret Thatcher.” Impressive.

The music categories seemed to appeal to Becca quite a bit and, after asking what Best Score actually meant, she finally settled on Tintin as “I haven’t seen any of them, so it would have been hard to notice the music, but I’m going to say Tintin as the lad’s ginger. And my Daddy’s ginger.” You can’t argue with that.

To finish off, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was her choice for Adapted Screenplay as “people seemed quite happy with it” and Original Screenplay goes to The Artist as “it’s got to win something sometime.” I’ll remind her of that one tomorrow morning.

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