Trailer Talk: Spidey Rebooted, Wheelchair Dancing, Doctor Who And The Apocalypse

Yes, yes, yes, I apologise again for my laptop not loving me. As I posted a while back, it gave up on me, so I haven’t been able to post anything! So I’m sorry they’re so late, but I wanted to put them up anyway! So, soldiers, spiders, Jeremy Renner, Doctor Who, crazy Nazis, wheelchairs, Osama Bin Laden and the apocalypse – let’s talk trailers.


EMMA: The main thing that I get from this trailer is how it seems to scream at the gamer generation. As Brits, we don’t have a particularly great idea as to what the Navy SEALS do, and so the way they’ve put this UK trailer together is bang on the money. Knowing that real Navy officers take the roles here is surely guaranteed to bring an extra level of authenticity, looking to be far more from their perspective as opposed to the way a director assumes conflict to be. It’s incredibly patriotic and is very hard not to be very moved by the trailer. Looking extremely impressive, it’s not hard to predict that I’ll be blubbing like a baby by the end.

NADINE: I can’t quite say I want to see this, as the trailer confused me a little. But I’m really intrigued by the shadows seen in this trailer for Act Of Valour. Looking at 1:22-1.27 of the trailer, the darkness makes viewing this film look like it’ll be quite claustrophobic and tense.


EMMA: I can’t help but feel this trailer has a missing element to it. But hopefully that’s because Sony are leaving the best bits out, which is no bad thing as far as I’m concerned! With a few cheeky glimpses of The Lizard and Spidey seen swinging his way through the streets, the excitement factor is certainly there, although the black and white flashbacks are more than a little clichéd. But, hey, it is a Marvel origins story. I have faith in this film, mainly because every teeny little molecule of my being knows that Andrew Garfield can carry any film he puts his name to. I also have faith that if it’s an absolute wreck, Garfield can walk away pretty much unscathed. Plus what have we seen Emma Stone tarnish?! For me, it’s Ifans who needs to bring his A-game, as the transformation from Connors to Lizard needs to be a believable one. It’s got to be epic – right?

NADINE: I don’t think my excitement for Spider-Man could be any higher and this new trailer doesn’t help at all! There are a lot of mixed responses to the reboot, some saying there’s no need for it while others like the idea and I’m part of the latter. It’s not trying to upstage the Sam Raimi films in any way, being a new adaptation from the comics. The Amazing Spider-Man looks much darker than the Raimi films and Garfield looks spot on perfect as Peter Parker – I don’t see how it can go wrong at all! This new trailer pushes the boundaries for the superhero, fighting crime and having to save the City from The Lizard all while falling in love with Gwen Stacy. For a second trailer, The Amazing Spider-Man has a lot of footage and the main story is evident, but I know there is so much more to see. Some of the effects look insane and the last scene of Spidey (God knows how high up) made my belly do a little roll, so I can’t wait to experience it in the cinema! There’s more to see of The Lizard I hope, too! The little clip I saw last year at Big Screen featured The Lizard and it looked very creepy and frightening, but this trailer doesn’t give it much justice as it looks a little like a yellow Hulk. I’m sensing there is more post production work until July where things will be glossed over, but this trailer will do nicely for now.


EMMA: The style of this trailer is just great. It’s nice to see and hear a cheeky little bit of Albert Finney and then get excited for REMEMBERING EDWARD FRICKING NORTON’S IN THIS!!! I love how this trailer gives us snippets of the character’s faces, never letting us in on the full picture. This is generally a really, really solid first trailer and I also think the very simple tagline is spot on. From the sound to the editing to the way it shows so much, but on reflection so little, this gives me goosebumps. Renner is perfect casting and I am very interested by the potential superhuman aspects to him. Bring it on.

NADINE: I love everything and anything Jeremy Renner is doing (I’m probably one of the only people excited for Hansel and Gretel), so I’m a little biased towards the first trailer for The Bourne Legacy. I also seem to be the only person who didn’t know that Edward Norton was in this?! What a great piece of casting that was as he makes The Bourne Legacy even more appealing for me. The Hitchcockesque silhouettes are exciting as a tease, plus the Inception-style music and drones heightens the tension and mystery to the film. Everything a teaser needs is right here and it works really well in defining the fact that even though this is a new Bourne film, this is not about Jason Bourne. I can’t wait to see more from this!


EMMA: Am I the only one who feels Michael Urie and Sally Phillips were destined to work together?! Away from the irritating voiceover, this looks like it will be a rather cute and charming romcom, but certainly not one that will push any boundaries. But Tennant’s English accent does silly things to me, so I’m not horrifically bothered if I’m honest! The cast is obviously a very reliable one, but it all looks a little predictable.

NADINE: There’s a lot of sweet, romantic little films with trailers this week, but The Decoy Bride has The Doctor in it! Now, from this trailer it’s obvious it’s not going to be incredible, but it looks cute enough to enjoy as an innocent little romcom. On a small island in Scotland, Kelly Macdonald’s Katie is getting over a broken heart when she is asked to be a decoy for Alice Eve’s character, a famous movie star, for her wedding because the paparazzi have found her. Of course, Katie accidentally marries the groom, David Tennant, and the pair have to quickly get divorced before the real big day. It doesn’t exactly shout out ‘great movie’, but it looks fun if you like the little romcoms.


EMMA: I still can’t decide whether this is the most inspired idea ever committed to film or if it’s in incredibly bad taste and that I should, in fact, be boycotting its very existence. Either way, I have to see this! It looks absolutely mental, the kind of camp carnage that only comes around once in a blue moon, but one that involves blowing up the Statue of Liberty. Luckily it seems to have its tongue placed firmly in its cheek and I like how the start seems pretty mundane where it seems like another alien invasion flick. Oh how wrong that assumption is.

NADINE: I’ve warmed to Iron Sky because of this trailer – it’s just insane! I don’t think it’s possible not to want to see Iron Sky because there is something for everyone and it’s the curiosity of knowing how the hell it’s going to pan out. The effects, explosions and colours are stunning and it’s going to make a big impression in the UK, that’s for sure.


EMMA: Another pretty crazy trailer, this makes me realise I’ve always unknowingly wanted to see Chow Yun Fat as a gun-wielding gangster. The action looks gloriously bizarre and I love that I have no idea what to expect – I hope I’m not bitterly disappointed.

NADINE: Ok, that last part of the trailer made me laugh a bit. Let The Bullets Fly is a comedy action thriller which was released in China in 2010. With its success, it now has a US limited release date and it’s clear to see why. There is a lot of action and the comedy element is seen, but I think in full it’ll be a lot funnier as from this trailer all I got was a lot of characters laughing.


EMMA: Appearing to be far more in line with Strictly Ballroom as opposed to Glee or Step Up, I have a feeling Musical Chairs is going to be rather a hard sell for the Bieber generation. I think the idea is a novel one, though, but we don’t get a chance to access the characters much beyond face level, which again makes me think it will need some far more effective marketing. But somehow I don’t think this film has delusions of grandeur and I’m interested by the premise alone.

NADINE: I love trailers that use more or less one song from the beginning until the very end. It feels as if I’ve already seen Musical Chairs and loved it because of the amount of footage shown, but I still have an urge to watch it all. This being said, I don’t think the film looks particularly great, but it will make a good TV movie that would make perfect Sunday afternoon viewing.


EMMA: Now this is a stunning trailer. I love the organic narrative here, Williams proving again what an incredible talent she is, not appearing to replicate any of her former characters. The involvement of Rogen and Silverman is really interesting and it’s obvious this will be a mixture of bittersweet and quirky comedy with a healthy dose of sadness. The trailer really benefits from the solitary voice. Please give Williams her Oscar sooner rather than later. Thanks.

NADINE: Bittersweet, indie romances are what Williams does best and Take This Waltz looks no different. However it’s Rogen’s part which has me hooked. I like how he is taking more serious parts instead of being the sex mad and drunk, foul-mouthed nerd everyone has grown to love. Sadly, he looks like the victim of Williams’ affair in this case but it’s very easy to sympathise with him. I adore the shot of Williams and Kirby walking through a gateway and Kirby glancing in slow mo. This film looks very, very sweet.


EMMA: Well this is just plain ridiculous. But from the opening disclaimer it’s clear to see the film does not take itself seriously one little bit. Personally, I’m going to wait for Bigelow’s film.

NADINE: What on earth have I just watchedddd?! I don’t quite get where this idea rose from and it’s pretty controversial. Hmm. Osombie looks gory with plenty of zombies losing their heads in this, but I don’t particularly want to see it and I don’t know what else to say…!


EMMA: I’ve been looking forward to this film since the get go and this trailer definitely does not disappoint. Also, the comet being called ‘Matilda’ is hilarious! The tone is absolutely great and I don’t think I can imagine anyone else other than Carell carrying this film, with the pairing up of him and Knightley absolutely inspired – kudos to her agent. I adore the premise of this and it’s plain to see it will also take its time to be serious, which we know both Carell and Knightley can do to devastating effect. Very, very excited for this.

NADINE: Seeing as I had no idea of this film’s existence, the trailer has taken me by surprise by wanting to eagerly see it. Knightley and Carell are a very unlikely leading pair, but the randomness of their casting adds to the spontaneity the plot appears to have. The end of the world is something films like a lot, but I don’t think there’s one quite as laid back, calm and sweet as Seeking A Friend. The glumness of the first part of the trailer made me giggle a little at the thought of hearing it on the news and the way the town reacted. Both Carell and Knightley appear to be playing their usual sort of selves, but together they make for a very unlikely, characteristic friendship. I really liked this trailer and I am really looking forward to seeing it as I can’t really say anything bad about it!

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