Closer Look: The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Scott’s back (take a look at his blog here) to take a more in-depth look at the new trailer for Marc Webb’s hotly anticipated film and Marvel reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man:

Yes, this is more like it.

After the lacklustre first-person teaser from a few months back we finally get a great look at the story, characters and overall feel of Marc Webb’s Spidey reboot.

With a much darker hue, this trailer pretty much seems to go over what looks to be the entirety of the film’s plot, from Peter’s humble beginnings living with his Aunt and Uncle, to the challenge he faces against Rhys Ifans’ Dr Connors. We may see an abundance of criticism on how in-depth this trailer is, but I’m very optimistic that there’s still plenty of mystery to be seen.

It’s a great relief for me to see Andrew Garfield embody both the physicality and the personality of the Spider-Man that a lot of people missed from Sam Raimi’s trilogy. The quick-wittedness comes to the forefront in Peter’s interaction with a would-be car thief, so fans will be tentatively waiting for more of the like having made it known that they want the wise-cracking, arrogant Spider-Man to come to the big screen. There’s still hope in this.

The scale of this film looks amazing, with some awesome cityscape shots of New York City and the rollercoaster ride with Spidey as he zips through the crowded streets at night is almost breathtaking – not to mention the striking similarities to Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’, from its cold, almost eerie tone to the direction of some of the shooting.

I was very afraid we’d be getting a superhero film with a ‘Twilight’ birthmark strapped right across its face, but from this footage I’m certainly off the fence unlike I was a few months back. Though I still have my concerns for just how much screen time the development of the relationship between Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker will take, that would probably be the only real Achilles heel this film could suffer by.

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