The Hunger Games Super Bowl Spot According To Nadine

I can say by this point that I am excited by The Hunger Games. I love Jennifer Lawrence and I think both trailers and marketing have been very strong for the film. However, I have yet to read the books, so I don’t feel I can give a very fair appraisal of the Super Bowl Spot from a fan’s perspective. So, I’m letting Nadine (check out her blog here) give a closer analysis for all you lovers of the books – I’ve heard she’s a bit of a fan girl….! Check it out below:

The promotion, especially the trailers, for The Hunger Games has been spot on and the Super Bowl trailer that aired is another great piece from Lionsgate. There’s plenty for fans of the books by Suzanne Collins to fuss over (I got very excited at the first teaser seeing Katniss with her bow and arrow) and there’s a few elements for film buffs.

Seeing Stanley Tucci all made up as Caesar, the small similarity to Battle Royale, the sci-fi and action adventure theme is targeting a lot of people. Pulling everyone into its original, alarming plot, people have an urge to see what The Hunger Games is all about and most of this is due to the tension built from the minimal footage of the second half of the film. Hardly anything about the actual ‘Games’ is given away which is good for both fans of the book and people who haven’t read it, with no spoilers leaving a good amount of mystery.

Even though the storyline itself isn’t confusing (it’s one that can be easily worked out once you’ve caught on), snippets of the trailer leave people who haven’t read the books wondering. The mockingjay pin is becoming an iconic figure for the franchise and the different interviews Katniss takes part in show the importance of the Games and Katniss’ role as Tribute.

I can’t take my EYES off Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. She looks, sounds and seems to act perfectly and I just know she’s going to make a lot of fans happy with her performance as Katniss. Compared to Bella Swan, Miss Everdeen is a fighter and even though a fragment of The Hunger Games role has romantic ties, Katniss doesn’t need a man to stand. Though most of the trailer shows Katniss’ vulnerable side, I know the boldness in Lawrence’s acting will have her covering all aspects of the character pristinely. The ‘I can’t afford to think like that’ is timed effectively as a clichéd trailer line, but it shows Katniss’ mind set. To me, she’s already an iconic film teen character.

I’m warming to Hutcherson, as he sounds how Peeta did in my head, but there’s still plenty more to see of him in full as the trailers are focusing on the protagonist – and rightly so. Elizabeth Banks looks wonderful and we see more of Effie Trinket in this trailer, with her irritating giggle and bright clothing.

The trailers are so thrilling in how they show a lot of different footage, with the editing perfectly timed to keep the mystery of how it’s going to turn out in the end. Without giving any major spoilers, it isn’t going to be a happy ending for everyone and my inner fan girl gets a little tense on hearing the whistle at the end of the trailer – it’s excellent.

Like with any film, it’s not certain The Hunger Games is going to be a success. But from the looks of the trailer and the way it’s being anticipated, it has the recipe to be.

And I can’t wait.

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