Trailer Talk: Killing The Kardashians, Turtle On A Plane, Lots Of Gangsters And David Bowie

Gangsters, Turtle on a plane, cows, Mel Gibson in Mexico, the end of reality TV, improv and drugs, the Welsh and Bowie, a double helping of Sigourney Weaver and Dexter Fletcher’s directorial debut – let’s talk trailers:


EMMA: Well, that trailer definitely doesn’t play out how I expected after the pretty idyllic tone to the first two thirds! This is obviously nothing more than a teaser, but it’s got me very curious as to what the ‘7’ stands for that we see at the end and how the main protagonist ends up going from girl to gangsters.

NADINE: I seem to be liking most trailers this week and 7 Welcome To London is no different. It’s a definite tease, but that’s what I like about it. The uncertainty of the plot (though quite obviously fighting, guns, crime and cars) is quite exciting, as is the extremely quick editing. I can’t call if it’ll be good in full from this, but it’s definitely a good-looking teaser!


EMMA: This teaser treats us to the same font as Final Destination and has pretty eerie overtones with the addition of that song. And, hey! It’s Turtle! But away from Vince and the boys he’s got a whole lotta trouble on that plane – and there’s not a Samuel L. Jackson lookalike in sight. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out exactly how this film will play out, but being from the director of The Grudge, it’s guaranteed to be pretty jumpy and surely has an audience. That audience just won’t include me.

NADINE: Why are there now demons on planes? I don’t like the idea at all but it’s because I’m not a fan. ‘Director of The Grudge’ puts me right off because from the snippets I accidentally saw, The Grudge freaked me out and didn’t entertain me. The ‘273 passengers but they’re not alone’ is pretty bad to be honest and real horror fans will think the whole thing is stupid, but the thought of being on a plane with supernatural powers is freakkkkkkky. Not for me thank you!


EMMA: The Belgian entry in this year’s Best Foreign Film race, Bullhead looks very interesting. Seeming to track a group of people who have links from their childhood, Bullhead looks like it will deal with politics as well as gangsters and double crossings – all set against the backdrop of the meat industry, of course. I think there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye judging by the way the main character seems to be bulking up ready for a fight at the end, so I’m really intrigued to get to see more of it before its release this month. Oh, and I love that brilliantly understated shot of the meat in the pan at the end.

NADINE: Academy Award nominated (for Best Foreign Film) Bullhead looks gripping, powerful and a little terrifying. Trailers that minimise the dialogue and focus on sound effects and soundtracks really get under your skin. Bullhead looks violent and that there is more to it than this trailer shows, but Matthias Schoenaerts looks to be a very interesting character. With the trailer reviews attached, it certainly looks like Bullhead is one to watch.


EMMA: This looks like a lot of very easy and low-budget fun. AND PETER STORMARE!! IT’S PETER STORMARE! Although slated for a May release in the UK, as far as I’m aware it’s only getting a Video On Demand release in the US, which does not bode well for Gibson’s star power, but may potentially be a lot more financially viable for the film in the long run. Although not the most original of plots, it does look like there could be some easy laughs and the pairing of Gibson and the kid should keep things light and silly.

NADINE: There’s no point getting excited for a Mel Gibson comeback, but there’s a slither of hope here! The trailer for Get The Gringo gives a lot away unfortunately, but there’s still space for a few surprises. A few parts reminded me of Nic Cage/Raising Arizona which can only mean good things. Some parts look funny and others have action elements, so although it’s not something for me, we’ll see how it goes.


EMMA: I have long been a fan of Bobcat Goldthwait’s rather dulcet tones, but have been far more excited to see footage from God Bless America. And it hasn’t disappointed me one bit. Yes, I’ll admit, it’s difficult not to draw parallels to Super, especially when both leads are called Frank and his accomplice here seems far more Ellen Page than Chloe Moretz, but this carries a far lighter tone. And, as a cinephile, who didn’t have a slight smirk during that part in the cinema?! This is satire at its best, especially during this heightened reality tv dominated society that we are currently living in. I’m buzzing about this. Oh, and Frank? Yeah, that’s Bill Murray’s brother, Joel.

NADINE: Well this looks great! A terminally ill man getting fed up with the downfall of American society and going on a killing spree is sure to get criticism, but it’s such a terrific idea! The start of the trailer sees spoilt, bratty sweet sixteen girls, women who need to control their lives and other painful reality shows that everyone has experienced at least once in their life – so everyone understands Joel Murray’s character’s reasoning behind his murders. Joined by teenager Tara Lynne Barr, who looks like a less disguised Hit Girl, the pair set off to kill the selfish people of America. I especially like the line ‘thank you for turning off your phone’ and hope that when people see this their phone is off! I can’t really see this going wrong as people will either want to see God Bless America or not from the look of the trailer, so no one should find the content shocking or disturbing. Oh I can’t wait!


EMMA: When you know High Road has a completely improvised script, its quirkiness doesn’t seem anywhere near as forced. I’m a big fan of Caplan and strongly believe there’s more to Helms than meets the eye, so this project definitely has my interest, even if there’s not really a chance of it getting a huge release. It looks like a pretty promising ensemble comedy, but it’s the improv aspect that makes me want to see it most.

NADINE: With the cast and outline of High Road, it easily looks like a mashup of Superbad, Pineapple Express and similar things, but the low-budget edge it has to it makes it look fun! Joe Lo Truglio, Ed Helms and Rob Riggle are experts in comedy and the non familiar cast of teens seem fitting. I like the look of High Road and don’t expect it to be a huge hit, but it looks like a quick, rude and funny film.


EMMA: What is it about the Welsh accent that makes everything sound so darn cute?! I know this is only a small film, but I’m rather enamoured by this trailer – probably because I’m a girl and I like my musicals. But Minnie Driver looks great as the teacher trying to find her pupils’ artistic potential and it’s nice to see a music-related ensemble film set in the past as opposed to the glitzy, High School Musical present. Aneurin Barnard is definitely one to watch and the rest of the young cast look pretty fun, too, so I’m not ashamed to say that I like the look of this.

NADINE:  I’ve watched this trailer a few times, I’ve got to be honest. I first saw it when I saw Like Crazy and didn’t think much of it, but after re-watching it about five times (seriously, 1.05-1.18 Aneurin’s voice is lussssh) I’m really looking forward to it! Minnie Driver’s accent is spot on and I love a wholesome, feel good musical! From the director of Billy Elliot is pushing the expectations a little too high, but I have hopes that Hunky Dory is going to be good on its own terms. It’s definitely a coming of age tale about a group of students, but also for Driver’s character. A teacher takes on Shakespeare’s The Tempest (one of my favourites, I’ll add), but with a twist that David Bowie would be proud of. Full of upbeat songs, the soundtrack is going to be great I can already tell! It looks innocent, a lot of fun and I for one can’t wait!


EMMA: Nice to finally hear past the Spanish dubbing! I don’t really have anything to add to what I said last week, apart from how the final third is still the strongest part of the trailer. I’m not too thrilled by the prospect of this, but it does have a great cast, so I will wait to be proven wrong.

NADINE: The Red Lights trailer from last week is in English! Exact same trailer but now it makes more sense to me. It looks creepy, very psychological and Cillian Murphy is in for some freaky goings on. I can’t say much more on top of last week, but Red Lights looks freaky and will either be a hit or a big miss.


EMMA: I have a great deal of faith in Cavill as Superman, but this looks incredibly bland. I don’t want to judge it purely on the trailer, as we know that’s not always the best way, but nothing excites me about this. Sorry Supes.

NADINE: This doesn’t look original at all, but TCLOD doesn’t look half bad. That being said, I think I just like the look of Henry Cavill. I’ll be honest, I got a bit confused at who’s working with and against whom, but some of the action looks neat! Willis and Weaver don’t look much different to stuff they’ve done before, but it is sure to work! Like I said, it doesn’t look very original but I don’t want to push it away on just this trailer, because it could be quite good.


EMMA: Yes, Dexter Fletcher! You have officially sold me on your directorial debut. And, to be honest, it’s all due to the brilliant cast – Will Poulter, Neil Maskell, Iwan Rheon, Jason Flemyng and Andy Serkis just for starters. It may all seem a little Guy Ritchie-esque, but I have a feeling we’ll have less fighting and more substance here. It also looks very funny – I’m really looking forward to this.

NADINE: Dexter Fletcher’s directorial debut is, unsurprisingly, an idea that looks very Guy Ritchie – of course something Fletcher knows a lot about. Wild Bill has a rep for being a wild nut and after a few years in prison is out and back to his old life dealing with bad men, drinks, sex and all sorts. Now he finds his 11 and 15-year-old sons living alone after their mother abandons them. That’s something that doesn’t quite resemble Ritchie’s Lock Stock, Snatch, etc, being a dad. I think the cast is pretty spot on here with Serkis, Flemyng and Kill List’s Neil Maskell and the likes of Will Poulter and Misfit’s Iwan Rheon who are both talented young individuals from what I’ve seen. I really like the grungy look of Wild Bill and its comedy/crime genre and I’m really looking forward to it! There’s a lot of footage but not enough for us to see how it’s all going to go. I can see this being quite a fun one and a great first from Fletcher!

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  1. I loved Goldthwait’s ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ it looks like he has another winner on his hands with ‘God Bless America’.

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