The Super Bowl Spots According To Scott – Part 2

So, after posting Scott’s reaction to the Super Bowl Spots for Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance and G.I. Joe: Retaliation here, we return with Part 2 of the Comic Book related Spots – The Avengers and John Carter (or John Catheter as he so lovingly referred to it earlier). And, yes, I am well aware John Carter isn’t technically from Comic Book or Graphic Novel origins. Part 3 will be Nadine rounding up The Hunger Games. See what Scott had to say below:


This was my most anticipated of this year’s Super Bowl Spots. My thoughts on the last released trailer were let’s say, slightly indifferent, pointing out my fears of an ‘Iron Man plus extras’ movie.

With this 60 second trailer you can put to rest any fear that this is anything but an ensemble piece. The Avengers (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Bruce Banner) are all equally focused on individually in action against the supposed enemy – the Skrulls.

Samuel L. Jackson is on hand again, delivering another rousing speech in order to rally this bunch of misfits together to fight against a common threat. What’s different however in comparison to previous footage, is that we finally see that the growing pains hinted from the last trailer will culminate in the heroes banding together – Thor giving Cap a helping hand, Cap and Stark respectfully acknowledging one another, and a money shot of the six assembled Avengers on the streets of New York getting locked and loaded to bust some extraterrestrial posterior. There’s not much expansion yet again on Avenger-Avenger character interaction, which is something I’ve been interested in seeing, but I guess now we won’t be seeing that until April (or May for my American friends haha!).

And of course I cannot go without mentioning the closing shot of Mark Ruffles Ruffalo getting some DECENT screen time as Hulk – the jolly green giant looks better than ever. A great way to top off a very tantalising teaser. It just needs some more Agent Coulson.


By the locks of Kitsch. You cannot fathom how terribly underwhelmed I am with this. First and foremost, the laughable orchestral ripoff of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’ that plays through the first thirty seconds of this spot is so predictable and flat-out forehead spanking, that I eventually end up sighing to the extent that someone might think I’ve got respiratory problems.

Another nitpick is the way the trailer commences with a montage of various character and action shots with the camera slowly zooming out to reveal the make-up of the film’s title. Surely this would have been more fitting at the closing of the trailer? Hello, dramatic effect? Come on, Disney.

We see more of basically what we’ve already seen. Lots of CGI monsters going toe-to-toe with Mr Carter, while the armies of Mars wage war. And who can forget the Mutt Williams-like jumpathon of the last trailer..? Well, it’s back again in full force.

My knowledge of John Carter is minimal, but from what I do know, taking your inspiration from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack Of The Clones is borderline cinematic suicide. From the visual effects to the costume design to the setting, it’s all too reminiscent of so much I’ve seen before. Perhaps I’m slightly naïve to say that, as I’m not a Carter fan by any means, but this really looks like forgettable material. Leads Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins still don’t fill me with any confidence that this can do the business for Disney. I say get back to the 2D animation, guys!

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