The Super Bowl Spots According To Scott – Part 1

Scott (check out his blog here) takes a look at the Super Bowl Spots for G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. Check back for Part 2 where he’ll be dissecting John Carter and The Avengers.


The follow-up to the much slated ‘Rise Of Cobra’ appears to have got one thing right – ditched those ridiculous leather jumpsuits in favour of traditional military fatigues that the ‘Joes’ are most recognised for. This TV spot is a high octane showcase of the new G.I. Joe team ‘retaliating’ (groooan) against Cobra after the events of the first film.

Beginning with a not-very-peppy pep talk from wrestling motormouth Dwayne Johnson, and subsequently a very misplaced Jay-Z backing track, we are introduced to a few familiar faces (Ray Park most notably) and some fresh ones too, including the lovely and enchanting Adrianne Palicki (a definite contender for ‘Scott’s Unattainable Crush’… Watch out, Kelly Brook), and Bruce Willis, who looks undeniably withdrawn as the ‘Original Joe’, General Joe Colton. All this, interspersed with low-key cuts of Baysplosions, cliff-face ninja hi-jinx and a barrage of heavy machine gun fire, ending with a painful dialogue between Willis and Johnson.

This looks to be a certified Ronseal movie – not that it would be literally a bad thing. It’s definitely one that has the potential to be a great flick for all the wrong reasons.


Wow. This looks SICK. I’m a big fan of Neveldine and Taylor and I was really anticipating the first trailer to this one. Now, this action packed teaser gives us a little more to whet our appetites for the return of Marvel’s most demonic anti-hero. The unorthodox camera work shown in these teasers is of course very reminiscent of the duo’s work on the Crank movies, and it’s appropriately fitting for such an intense character as the hot-headed Ghost Rider.

The Rider’s alter-ego, Johnny Blaze, takes a back seat as we are fully immersed in two seriously cool sequences of the cursed hero’s own brand of arse-kicking, involving a bike-on-car chase (complete with flaming chain) and an outrageous overkill by use of a construction vehicle! Great stuff.

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