Trailer Talk: Space Nazis, Michael Caine On A Bee, Tasmanian Tigers and Nic Cage

This week we look at Nazis on the Moon, pygmy elephants, Joe Gilgun’s gammy eye, Tarsem’s attempt at Snow White, Cillian Murphy in Spanish, Nic Cage going batshit crazy (again), Willem Dafoe doing his best Liam Nesson impression, Liam Neeson doing his best Willem Dafoe impression, some dogs and a film called Black Butterflies which lies to us. There’s no butterflies. Let’s talk trailers:


EMMA: WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH?!!! I can’t decide if this is the most amazing idea ever to be committed to film or the most grossly inappropriate one. And was that meant to be Sarah Palin at the end?! Either way, it’s safe to say Iron Sky is challenging Inglorious Basterds for the best Nazi comedy of recent years. Premiering in Berlin on the 11th February, it’s not long until we will get to hear more about the film and the overall reception. Regardless of whether you believe this trailer to be unbelievably inappropriate or not, it’s very obvious that the whole thing is going to be completely tongue-in-cheek. But whether the comedy will be to everyone’s taste, we will have to wait a little longer to find out.

NADINE: Personally, this is not my type of film, but I have to agree with voice over man that the effect looks crazy! I think the concept is about Nazis living on the moon until they find the best time to return to take over the world, but I could be a little wrong. Weirdly, the story isn’t the part I don’t like – I don’t like the comedy part of it and the voice over made it sound a little ‘spoofy’ and not the type of film I’d enjoy. BUT, I can predict that Iron Sky will pull in a certain target audience and make a lot of money.


EMMA: Ok, I’m going to grit my teeth and say that this trailer is significantly more bearable and cohesive than its predecessors. But, hey, maybe that’s my love for Thirty Seconds To Mars talking. In all seriousness, it’s definitely because this trailer plays far more on the magical than the preposterous, the colour of the island pretty spectacular. It’s even made me less eager to see Vanessa Hudgens eaten by a bug. Maybe.

NADINE: I’ve seen enough trailers for Journey 2 for me to have seen the entire film now. Exaggeration aside, I’ve viewed a fair amount of trailers for the film and I still don’t want to see it. That’s mostly down to the fact I’m not the demographic for the film. For the younger audience who love adventures, weird creatures and 3D, Journey 2 is going to make a lot of money, but it doesn’t look like anything new or exciting (even if the underwater elephants look kinda cool). I admit, from The Rock and Josh Hutcherson’s intro, the effects do look pretty sharp – I’ll give them that.


EMMA: Finally. We actually get some plot for Lockout (or MS One: Maximum Security, depending on where you live). Yes, we’ve seen Guy Pearce looking extremely good, and spouting all his cheeky little one liners in the previous trailers, but this finally gives me what I really wanted to see – Joe Gilgun. Rocking a Scottish accent, we get a look at Gilgun as a psychopath, far removed from the comedy he brought to the roles of Woody and Rudy that he is so well-known for in This Is England and Misfits, respectively. It still seems a little clichéd that the producers of Taken have brought Maggie Grace back to be kidnapped again (is this a contractual preference?!), but I think this could fast become a guilty pleasure if not received too well critically. All I care about is Mr Gilgun finally getting some well deserved international attention.

NADINE: Lockout looks more and more great with each trailer, which is down to Guy Pearce! Though this trailer gives a lot of the plot away and leaves a little less room for surprises, I still can’t wait to see how it’s going to end. Being trapped on a spaceship is scary as hell, but the prisoners of the spaceship look frightening. Pearce’s comedy edge will make it enjoyable I’m sure, but it still looks like a tense thriller. This trailer has little echoes of Moon, Taken and Tron mixed together, but I still think Lockout could be one of the best original sci-fi adventures of 2012. Let’s hope!


EMMA: The Motion Picture Event of the Year? Really? Even if Lily Collins does look absolutely stunning in this, something about the marketing so far just doesn’t do it for me. Which is a shame, actually, as I’m a big fan of both Lane and Hammer, but I can’t quite pin down the exact tone the comedy is going for. I’m not knocking this off, though, as Tarsem’s The Fall is one of my favourite films – I just haven’t seen him produce anything quite as spectacular since, with Immortals being quite a disappointment. I also don’t get the impression that this is going to be a particularly memorable role from Julia Roberts, but I am prepared to be proven wrong!

NADINE: The new trailer for Mirror Mirror is a lot better than the first! If I was Relativity Media, though, I wouldn’t be labelling it as the movie event of the year with Snow White and the Huntsman out, too. The competition between the two is going to be tough, but as they’re both a different take on the tale it will be interesting. Mirror Mirror, for me, looks good for two reasons. The first is Armie Hammer and the second is that Mirror Mirror is keeping to the swashbuckling, cheesy fairytale jokes, being completely drowned in the fantasy element and therefore being more family orientated. I am interested in how the narrative is going to work as there are two balls and lots of mischievous duels and other plotting by the Dwarves seen here. This trailer focuses less on Julia Roberts compared to the first which I’m glad about as I hope she has more fantastic moments that weren’t shown in the first trailer. I like how the Queen’s disguise isn’t revealed either as we just see the apple from her hand to Collins. It’s kind of intriguing.


EMMA: I thought this looked pretty uninteresting at the start, but once this trailer hits the halfway mark it’s pretty unrelenting! Although it’s in Spanish, there’s not a lot to leave us confused, and I’m now really looking forward to seeing it with its original dubbing to give me a little more background info. It’s good to see newcomer Olsen with such seasoned professionals as Weaver and De Niro alongside the ever reliable Cillian Murphy. This thriller looks like it has a slightly different approach to recent outings, so I’m hoping this is something fresh and unpredictable from the director of Buried.

NADINE: Oooh this looks freakkkkkyyyy. I don’t really understand it too well in Spanish, but Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, newcomer Elizabeth Olsen and Robert De Niro doesn’t make it look at all bad! It looks a little too spiritual for my liking, but the cast are pulling me in. From director Rodrigo Cortés, whose film Buried had my heart beating at about fifty beats per second, Red Lights feels similarly a little claustrophobic. Even though it’s not set in a box like Buried, I still feel suffocated somehow when watching it. I don’t like paranormal things, so Red Lights doesn’t exactly appeal to me, yet I find myself a little interested in how it will pan out. That last little part of the trailer with Robert De Niro in Spanish made me laugh a bit though.


EMMA: Eurrgh, another Nic Cage going out for revenge movie. I have nothing against Cage, but this looks pretty uninspiring. Not even Pearce can get me excited and I can’t help but think Pearce has the type of career Brad Pitt would have had if things hadn’t got interesting. Apart from The King’s Speech. Now that just wouldn’t have worked…

NADINE: I quite enjoyed the first half of this trailer as Seeking Justice looks quite edgy and that it may hold some twists and turns in the plot. But then it took a turn and it felt like too much was given away. After the trailer finished, I thought of about five other films it looks similar to, but I still quite liked this trailer. The thought of a group of citizens, even police, who kill criminals isn’t a new idea, but when an innocent man is involved and framed for murder with Nicolas Cage and Guy Pearce involved, it doesn’t sound as bad. In the end, I’m probably not going to go out of my way to see Seeking Justice, but a DVD viewing would probably be sufficient. This could be surprising (or just be a total disappointment).


EMMA: Willem Dafoe, you have a miraculous face. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I literally have no idea what to make of this. I wish, because of Sam Neill’s involvement, that it was The Grey meets Jurassic Park 3, but somehow I don’t think I’m going to be getting that! I’m an absolute sucker for anything to do with nature and the idea of the Tasmanian tiger being worked into this has my inner Attenborough engaged. But I don’t know if this will truly work in regards to being a real, engaging thriller as opposed to a pretty interesting film with some nice foliage.

NADINE: I’ve watched this trailer twice now before writing about it because I thought it was very captivating. Willem Dafoe looks very solid as the lead who finds himself on a hunt to find DNA samples of the apparently extinct Tasmanian tiger. With Sam Neill in there too, The Hunter looks interesting and very tense in areas. In this trailer, the voice over has a little more personality to it than the basic trailer voice over, and it definitely improves the quality of it. The drum beats really are pivotal to this trailer, as it sounds like a tribal dance or other foreign ritual, but I doubt we’ll see any of that in the actual film, making me think there is little more to The Hunter than what’s in the trailer. A lot is given away as far as characters go and it’s easy to see that Dafoe gets into complications over the task, but The Hunter still looks great! I really want to see this now!


EMMA: Ahh, talking of The Grey, here is a Red Band trailer for, erm, The Grey. I have to admit that I wasn’t actually that excited about this film. And then the reviews came out, and my mind has slowly changed. This trailer has added another level to the film I didn’t think would be quite so present – the ‘jump’ factor. And I’m awful with that. But I like that I didn’t expect that element to be there, so along with the heartfelt goodbye we’ve seen to his wife in previous trailers, there’s obviously a lot more to this film than I realised. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see Neeson punch a wolf in the face.

NADINE: I think this trailer is classed as Red Band for the amount of F-bombs from Neeson! Regardless of the fact the film came out on Friday and was at the top of the US Box Office takings over the weekend, the trailer for The Grey still makes the film look completely awesome. There is no better way of explaining it other than Liam Neeson vs. wolves. It’s just incredible. There looks to be a lot of blood and lots of chases, but overall from what I’ve heard, The Grey is going to be prettttty good.


EMMA: Look at this cast! Keaton! Kline! Jenkins! Wiest! How could this film possibly go wrong?! Nadine, I’m going to have to strongly disagree with you here and say that I absolutely love the look of this film! It seems to have a slight Alexander Payne feel to it, which is no bad thing, even if the beginning seems a little silly – naming the dog Freeway? Seriously?! As Zane Lowe would say (check me out, connecting with the youth), I’m on board.

NADINE: Being a dog owner, I know I’d be heartbroken if my dog went missing and usually I’ll watch any old dog movie. They nine times out of ten contain pure cheese which is what makes me watch them and sadly, they’re never any good. Darling Companion doesn’t look like it has any cheese to it and to be honest, it doesn’t look like a dog movie. More a film about a group of older people learning things. I don’t want to rule it off straight away, but I definitely don’t see Darling Companion being great.


EMMA: I hate this trailer. Not the actual content, let me clarify, but the overblown way in which it’s presented which completely turns me off. Beyond that, I find the subject material very interesting and there’s surely going to be great performances from van Houten and Hauer. Again, this is down to personal taste, as I find anything about the apartheid era fascinating – I just wish the trailer wasn’t so laughably handled.

NADINE: It’s a shame so much is shown in this trailer for Black Butterflies because it’s given away a lot of the plot and made me feel there’s no point in seeing what happens in full. It doesn’t look like my type of film, but there is something there that makes it look very astonishing. Overall, this trailer hints that it could be a pretty long film, but I’m sure fans of biopics will like it just as much.

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