Trailer Talk: Stifler’s Mom, Arabs, Jason Segel and The World’s Greatest Party

This week we reunite with Stifler’s mom, learn what it’s like to be a substitute teacher, dig for some oil, meet a dysfunctional family, learn to be original with our horror films, have the world’s greatest party, realise Milla Jovovich needs to stay at home sometimes, see a gay Haley Joel Osment, travel to Albania and meet a psycho Kristin Scott Thomas. Let’s talk trailers:


EMMA: When it comes to American Pie I can’t say I’m a massive fan. I was too young to see the first one (legally) in the cinema and have actually only seen the third film. But I can see why this trailer would get fans excited. I’m interested to see how they’re going to keep the essential character traits there whilst filling out the film with nappies, babies and more marriages – but it doesn’t seem that Stifler has much to worry about. The end with his mom and Jim’s dad does make me smile every time, though.

NADINE: This is very much the same as the last trailer for American Reunion, but it works really well as a selling point. Everything about it brings fans of the series back to the first films and I hope, for them mostly, there is so much more in store. I still laugh at the end with Jim’s Dad and Stifler’s Mom, but for others, it’s the cruder parts of the trailer that will get everybody talking.


EMMA: I am happy to raise my hands and admit that I am definitely not Freida Pinto’s biggest fan. She was by far the weakest link in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and wasn’t a character I invested in during Immortals, which is a shame as I would have liked to have seen some strength from her post-Slumdog. This film doesn’t appear set to change my opinion and also doesn’t look like it’s going to pull any miracles at the Box Office, either. I’d be lying if I said this trailer excited me, but I am interested in seeing Riz Ahmed away from the comedy of Four Lions.

NADINE: I had to re-watch the trailer because I felt everything went too fast and I started the trailer thinking it was a comedy because of Mark Strong as an Arab. But on a second viewing, Black Gold looks very promising – but not something I would particularly go and see from this trailer. Yet, everything looks very intriguing especially the cast of not only Strong and Banderas, but Freida Pinto, Tahar Rahim and Riz Ahmed who are all such developing actors. The trailer doesn’t give away a lot as far as twists and the ending go, so I have a feeling Black Gold will have something quite interesting to reveal.


EMMA: On first viewing I decided I preferred the previous trailer for Detachment. But the more I watch this one, the less sure I am on my preference! There’s something wonderfully quiet and understated here, amongst all the quotes and praise for film and star. It also seems to make it less Half Nelson than the previous trailer. It’s nice to see the other cast members shown for longer this time around, with Hendricks practically unrecognisable and Marcia Gay Harden a favourite of mine. I think there’s going to be a lot more anguish and heartbreak than we’ve been allowed to see in the trailers and I can’t wait to see more from these kids.

NADINE: From a few of the quotes inserted into the trailer, it has been recognised that Adrien Brody is the star of Detachment and I feel like I can already agree without having seen it in full. There are many dramas about teachers with difficulties with their classes and their own problems, but Detachment looks one up on all of them. I’ve enjoyed this trailer a lot more than the first because of the soundtrack which made me take a real interest in the story. Brody is a substitute teacher who takes on a school class that make him realise his own problems. With an insight into some of the student’s lives and new friends in the staff, Brody looks like he has an emotional, but very touching role. A lot of trailers nowadays give away lots of the plot and Detachment does similar, but it doesn’t make me want to see it any less. The rest of the ensemble look fantastic and nicely cast, but it’s all about Brody! I really think this is going to be great.


EMMA: Helms, Greer, Sarandon and Segel. Ohhh, I’m so onboard. This looks absolutely great and I’m excited to see Helms away from The Hangover again after enjoying Cedar Rapids so much. It’s also good to see Segel a little toned down. Yes, this trailer reeks of indie with its soundtrack adding to this, but Paramount Vantage have done this well before with Margot At The Wedding, Son Of Rambow and the upcoming Like Crazy. It’s plain to see that this is going to be a tale about a family coming together, including pain and elation, but I’m really interested to see how it all weaves together. Colour me excited.

NADINE: Eee, wow! I keep watching Jason Segel films at the moment and I can’t help but adore everything he does. He always seems to have the happy, moderately normal roles but plays them with his own special flare. I like the idea of Segel with Ed Helms and this trailer proves that it’s going to work nicely. The first little opening gag in the trailer made me chuckle a little and I can see that the film overall should be a nice, sweet watch. I love the soundtrack to this trailer, giving it a real indie edge and from the logos included in the trailer, Jeff, Who Lives At Home has done well at film festivals last year so I’m expecting something really special here. Also, Susan Sarandon is always great.


EMMA: Oh, Christian Slater, how the mighty have fallen. Ironically, this trailer starts off in 1994, the same year Interview With The Vampire was released. And my, how things have changed. Absolutely nothing about this appeals to me. I’m not a big horror fan and so it’s a little hypocritical of me to knock this when it’s not exactly my bag, but even I can see the similarities to The Ring and other movies here that keep me from wanting to invest any time in it.

NADINE: This doesn’t look at all original, but more a regurgitation of technology inspired horrors like The Ring, etc – not that I would know as I don’t watch horrors. But, for people who do, I can’t imagine this looking interesting.


EMMA: This trailer gives us the ultimate twist on the current ‘found footage’ trend. And it really works to its advantage. The “like Superbad on crack” quote can hardly hinder its appeal and it really looks like this could get far more out of control than everything we see in the trailer. You saw the horse, right?! With Todd Phillips onboard it’s safe to assume things are going to get a little crazy and I love the Jimmy Kimmel bit at the end. Let’s hope this goes viral and that enough people get to be excited about it before its release. It looks absolutely epic – I hope there are more dogs on bouncy castles.

NADINE: I didn’t expect to laugh so much at that trailer as I just did. Real footage films have made it huge the past few years, but with the majority being horrors, it’s no surprise that sci-fi (Chronicle) and comedy real footage films are starting to arise. I like that people who haven’t heard of Project X – until they see the trailer in the cinema – will probably be expecting a horror from the title and the way the trailer begins like a real footage horror. Project X is definitely going to reel in a large, teenage audience from the label of Todd Phillips being the producer and the fact that it’s an event everyone is going to wish they could have been at. Personally, I really want to see it because it’s either going to be really really good or really really bad. I’m hoping for the former! Everything bad that could possibly happen will and, like one of the responses in the trailer, it looks like Superbad on crack. This is such a ramble, but honestly this trailer is spot on and it’s going to get a hell of a lot of money.


EMMA: Oh hi Sony! Oh hi Daft Punk! Oh hi Milla! Sorry, no thanks.

NADINE: I don’t understand the need for a thirty-second product placement tied in with the first trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution, but I guess it makes the first trailer appear longer. There isn’t much to go by here, but the effects look pretty impressive, if not the same as the previous films! We don’t see enough in this trailer for my mind to be made up, so I’m going to have to wait. For now, Retribution looks like it could fit in with the previous films quite easily.


EMMA: Haley Joel Osment, you look wonderful. Another case of a film dripping in indie overtones this week, Sassy Pants looks rather obscure and wonderful. We’re not short on teenage life crisis films, but this looks like it could be rather special, carrying remnants of Napoleon Dynamite to Juno to Mean Girls. Although surely set to be a strong ensemble piece, we don’t really get much of an insight into many supporting players here, so I’m really looking forward to seeing more from this.

NADINE: Sassy Pants has a little Juno/Whip It (or rather, Ellen Page) feel going on, but at the same time looking completely original. Ashley Rickards as the lead, Bethany, looks so admirable, quirky and relatable on so many levels. Teens feeling outcasted in their own homes are played a lot in films recently, but I can really see potential in Sassy Pants and hope I’m not let down. It’s quite weird to see Haley Joel Osment grown up, but he looks like a great addition to the cast. Sassy Pants looks like it could be quite a nice watch.


EMMA: I couldn’t take my eyes off this trailer. It’s absolutely stunning and borderline haunting and the performance from Tristan Halilaj is something I am really looking forward to. Watch it for yourself – this is going to be a really interesting one.

NADINE: This could be another of my favourites for this week. It could be more gripping by not including so much of the story, but it still works as I am completely intrigued. With it being an Albanian film, for me it looks even more uncomfortable at some instances in the film. I definitely feel as if The Forgiveness Of Blood would be the type of film I wouldn’t think I’d like, but will. It looks gritty, powerful and the performance by the lead teen (quick Google search, his name is Tristan Halilaj) looks very striking. I’m really liking the whole idea of this film and hope it goes on to astonish me.


EMMA: I saw this a few weeks ago in front of The Artist and it didn’t excite me at all. And it doesn’t excite me now. It’s a very fractured trailer that seems to verge on everything from psychological thriller to intense romance. But, if the performances are strong enough, this could be a very interesting and gripping mystery. I just don’t think this trailer does it any favours.

NADINE: I’m not completely taken with The Woman In The Fifth from this trailer because altogether it doesn’t look too new. I hope I’m wrong and there are more turns in the plot than the trailer lets on – the child, father not quite together in his life and a strange woman. Hawke looks like he has quite a tough role and, like most of the time, Kristin Scott Thomas looks like a stand out, but it’s going to have to do a lot more in full for me I’m afraid!

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