Trailer Talk: A Double Dose Of Taylor Kitsch, Marvel And The Devil

This week we have a double dose of Taylor Kitsch, a Marvel mash-up, exorcism, natural disasters, the problems with war, cancer, women you wouldn’t want to bump into down a dark alley, murderous hilarity, and a double dose of horror to finish. Let’s talk trailers:


EMMA: This Japanese trailer seems to focus far more on the back story than the effects, giving us more info on John Carter than we’ve previously seen. It also seems to tell us that Carter is actually Burroughs’ uncle. Interesting. By going down the ‘lost uncle’ route, this trailer is slightly darker in tone, implying that JC left far more than just family behind, but don’t fear – we still get to see Carter’s trademark jump. Amidst this amusing mashup of English and Japanese voiceover there’s still plenty of effects to feast your eyes on and I’m still hoping this is the Cowboys & Aliens that could have been. Bring it, Stanton.

NADINE: My knowledge on John Carter is only based upon trailers and pictures from this film. Other than that I don’t know much and I hope that will benefit me when I see it. In this trailer we see more of John Carter’s time on Earth, but as the voiceover is in Japanese, it’s not very clear (to me anyway) what this means to the story. Visually, the rest looks great. In some scenes, John Carter looks like it could be a mix between Attack Of The Clones, Prince Of Persia, Clash Of The Titans and Cowboys & Aliens but I am sure the end result will be much greater than these. I’m basing that on Taylor Kitsch who looks incredible. I want him to have a fantastic 2012 as he has many films out and he deserves it after his performance as Gambit in Wolverine. I have faith that Andrew Stanton’s first directorial live action film will be fun and exciting to watch and the visuals look promising. I am sure the story will be original, but I just hope nothing is drowned out by the use of 3D and everything fits together. I can’t say anymore, I’ve had enough of trailers and TV spots – I need to see it in full!


EMMA: Another Japanese trailer with Kitsch, who is practically unrecognisable without the facial hair. The Japanese seem to have realised there is no story here and so are focusing far more on the effects, keeping it within the Transformers realm. It’s fair to say I’m far more interested in Stanton’s project, but Battleship is obviously going to be a lot of no brains fun. It’s only really Neeson’s involvement that gives me any teeny ray of hope that this could be something a little more than pure bile, but I said that about McDormand’s involvement in Dark Of The Moon and look how that turned out….

NADINE: Taylor Kitsch is almost unrecognisable in this trailer after seeing the one for John Carter, but it’s another film I hope he stands out in. In other trailers, Battleship attempts to pull in the same demographic as Transformers, but as I can’t read the titles in this trailer, you kind of forget Transformers exists. I won’t be surprised if in the end Battleship is just Transformers-in-water but until then I can be hopeful. Other than Kitsch are Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard, Josh Pence (the lower body of Armie Hammer in The Social Network) and Rihanna. Neeson will be great, no doubt, and the appearance of Rihanna justifies the audience for Battleship, but it could work well. I don’t fully understand the plot (as I’m sure it can’t all take place on a ship fighting aliens), but the effects looks good enough to bring in a lot of money over the summer. I’m hoping for a standard, but strong story to make Battleship a blockbuster, but, like John Carter, I have to wait until I see it before I can decide.


EMMA: As you probably noticed, this trailer is Russian, which once again provides some giggles in the dubbing department. But away from this, there is a lot of interesting new footage here that is an exciting improvement for such a long-awaited film. For me, Loki looks insane and I can’t fault Hiddleston (as proved when I fell in ACTUAL love with him after seeing him in the flesh on Monday). But little things like the Cap throwing his shield, more from Banner and the big explosive beginning should have fanboys’ tongues wagging in anticipation. Yes, it’s all a little RDJ-centric, but he is the biggest star. I’m just hoping Renner gets a big enough part seeing as he hasn’t had a proper chance to make his Marvel movie mark just yet.

NADINE: The Russian trailer for The Avengers is pretty much the same as the previous one, but this time around it’s very amusing to see Captain America and Iron Man bicker in Russian. There are snippets of new footage of Loki and action that will be throughout the film, hints to fights between The Avengers themselves which will be quite interesting, but overall nothing new here. The trailer isn’t as effective with Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk at the end because he is seen in the trailer anyway, but oh well. I’m still more than excited!!!


EMMA: I have absolutely no interest in this. I just don’t do horror very well. This ‘real footage’ idea is a little worn out by now, surely? But saying that, it opened rather well in America – just not for critics. The incredibly low-budget feel of the trailer gets progressively tenser and there’s a massive gap in the horror market right now, so this fills the rather absent field nicely I would guess. Its looks like there has been some research into religion and medicine, but I wouldn’t count on too much of it being actually correct. I do think that cut on the inside of the mother’s lip is incredibly effective for something so simple, but you can count me the hell out.

NADINE: Ugh, this really doesn’t appeal to me. But that’s because I don’t like these types of films. For people who do, though, they’re in for a treat as it looks frightening. In the style of many other exorcism-themed films, The Devil Inside is in the form of ‘real footage’ following a woman as she investigates why her mother committed three murders twenty years ago. It looks the same as other films, but I’m not ashamed to say I was scared just watching this, so it’s doing its job. It’s a miss for me, but fans will enjoy.


EMMA: We’ve gone all foreign this week! This teaser is stunning to look at, but equally as hard to view. Even though it’s in Spanish, it’s easy to realise it’s about the tsunami and I hope it’s handled sensitively. However, it is based on one true life tale of a specific family and I don’t think Watts or McGregor would have signed on if it wasn’t told in the right manner.

NADINE: This teaser really is quite chilling, short but intriguing. Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage), The Impossible is a film about the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. The teaser doesn’t give anything away which is great, but I can predict the film is going to be very emotional and visually stunning.


EMMA: This is a really interesting looking film. I love the subtle marching beats played throughout and it’s shot absolutely beautifully. Plus Michael Shannon’s in there. So much seems to be held at an arm’s length here and I really like the approach that this is from a woman’s perspective, a mother, and that suddenly her children and husband are so alien. Admittedly there is a strong sense of paranoia here, but I think we should expect naturalistic performances as opposed to a borderline, heightened emotional thriller.

NADINE: It’s not very often that films look at how a female copes after serving in the war, but Liza Johnson’s film Return looks at this very subject. Linda Cardellini (Velma from Scooby Doo, who’d have known!) plays a mother and wife who returns home after fifteen months military deployment, hoping to settle back into her life, but finds it’s not quite as easy as she first thought. With very quick transition and cuts to an edgy soundtrack, Return looks like it will be very brutal, but from the acclaim in the subtitles, Cardellini appears to give a very thorough and strong performance.


EMMA: This starts off looking like a sports biopic and it takes a little time to realise that the guy behind the dreadlocks is Fiddy. But then the clichéd titles come in. I have to be honest and admit that I am so, so interested to see what Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson brings here. He looks pretty emaciated in some scenes and it’s obvious he’s thrown himself into this 110%. I just wish that instead of producing a trailer that is aimed at his fan base, it could have been one that makes him look more like an actor and that got to the crux of the story.

NADINE: At first I thought this was based on the book my English teacher once spoke about, but I don’t think this is the same as that! An American footballer discovers he has a fatal disease, even though he wants to continue playing the sport. The main character is none other than 50 Cent who has had his fair share of film roles. Surprisingly, he looks very comfortable and strong in it and makes the film look very touching. All Things Fall Apart premiered at the Miami International Film Festival where it received a lot of attention because of the transformation of Curtis Jackson (50 Cent). Other than that it hasn’t been a big hit or a big miss, but personally I’m not interested.


EMMA: This doesn’t really feel any different from anything we’ve already seen. We know she beats Fassy up and we know there’s a potentially massive spoiler at the start, but this trailer is definitely a little slicker and introduces Carano as a bit of a star. It also makes sure we get a look at all the supporting players (Banderas, McGregor, Douglas, Tatum), no matter how short their trailer cameo. I have to admit that I do get quite a lot of pleasure out of that opening tussle every time I watch this – call me sadistic if you want – and I love that I have no idea quite what to expect here. I guess I will have to wait and see how much of it will be action, heist and thriller.

NADINE: With each trailer, Haywire includes more and more action, punching and extreme ass kicking by Gina Carano, but I still believe there is more action in the full film. The cast for this is highly anticipated, especially with Michael Fassbender – though it looks like he won’t last very long in it. At first I wasn’t very interested in the film, but as the months have gone on I can’t wait to see the final outcome.


EMMA: Ahhh, I love Billy Crudup (or ‘bulky crisp’, as my iPhone would have it) and I’m really very excited to see him and Kinnear in this. I prefer Kinnear in quirky roles like this and Little Miss Sunshine – hello Arkin – and Crudup is one of my biggest unsung heroes as explained here. This looks like a hell of a lot of fun and it could honestly be one of the best unconventional heists in a long time.

NADINE: I was not expecting to enjoy the trailer this much! It’s absolutely wonderful to see Greg Kinnear and Alan Arkin alongside each other again after their father-son roles in Little Miss Sunshine. Billy Crudup is a nice little add to the ensemble in this crime/thriller/comedy/drama. It looks like the Coen Brothers’ Fargo, but at the same time like it has its own flare. Some parts of the trailer had me laughing and others had me bewildered, but overall I’m completely taken by the idea of it. It looks like it could either work really well or just end up being really flawed, but as this is only Trailer Talk, I really enjoyed this trailer.


EMMA: I’ve already said how much I love the look of this film and this second trailer seems to be playing a little more on the comedy, a la Alexander Payne. To be honest, this is hardly any different to the previous trailer and the second half is once again slightly more serious, but it’s shockingly Ewan McGregor who is my biggest selling point – I can’t believe I’m saying that. I’ve always had some sort of odd, subconscious problem with McGregor and I’ve never known quite the reason for it. But after seeing his fabulous turn in Beginners I have a newfound love for the man and find myself very excited to see him in this. I think he looks and sounds absolutely great.

NADINE: I don’t know how the film’s plot will fare, but it definitely looks cute and very sweet with Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor. This trailer gives a lot away as far as the story goes, but I’m hoping there is more to it, especially in Kristin Scott Thomas’ role which looks like it could give Salmon Fishing In The Yemen its fun factor. Overall, I reckon that SFITY will be a feel good film that, if you don’t pick out its small flaws and simply take it for what it is, will be easy to enjoy.


EMMA: This girl has me very excited. But the idea of Silent House doesn’t particularly grab me – mainly because, as you’ve probably realised by now, I’m a complete and utter wuss. However, when you research the film a little further, it seems that it was allegedly all done in one take. So suddenly the found footage idea doesn’t seem so worn out. We know Olsen can deliver, as her acclaim for Martha Marcy May Marlene has been huge. I just wish I had the guts to watch this.

NADINE: Like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, Silent House was a 2010 Spanish horror which has received high praise, so it’s no surprise it has a Hollywood remake. The film gets a lot of recognition for being shot in one, realtime take. Inspired by true events, the film has an extra scare factor as you constantly try to imagine it being true and the voiceover in this trailer plays on that. It looks claustrophobic and really horrific in some instances, but I’m not sure how it’s going to be received. Being a remake, many fans of the original will be angry at Hollywood, but the film stars Elizabeth Olsen who is critically acclaimed in Martha Marcy May Marlene and as the verdicts on Silent House report, ‘Elizabeth Olsen is amazing’. The voiceover is scary as soon as the trailer starts and the handheld camera, darkness, silhouetted figures, screams and the way it’s cut is just horrible and really frightening. It’s a no-no for me as I really find the whole concept frightening, but I think it will do well for fans of handheld filmed horrors.


EMMA: I have to admit that I sort of like the look of this. It’s not so far removed from stuff that’s been done before, but it’s not a carbon copy. It’s got the Phone Booth idea with more people and potentially far more blood. The water at the end also ups the stakes. Or maybe I just like the look of it because I know I could probably deal with this in the cinema…!! Either way, it’s good to see Alice Eve mixing up her projects and she’s capable of doing more than just scream and cry. Well, I hope so.

NADINE: From my thoughts on Silent House and The Devil Inside, it’s easy to see I don’t like horrors, but I want to see ATM! ATM is from the makers of Buried (which I thought was fantastic but have no plans to re-watch) and you can see similarities between the two in the claustrophobic main setting and the fact that you have no idea what the hell is going on. I agree with the top comment on the YouTube video – ‘Why did they park the car so far away?’ – because obviously, you’d never do that, but the idea of ATM really looks interesting and well designed. It’s scary to think that collecting money from an ATM is such an everyday, normal thing so for this to go wrong from three, innocent (or maybe not?) victims is frightening. The film looks like a different role for Alice Eve and Josh Peck and Brian Geraghty are also not your usual horror victims, so I think it could work. Though some people haven’t praised the film, for me it looks quite interesting as I’m sure it has lots of twists and turns.

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