Closer Look: John Carter – Japanese Trailer

Check out Scott’s (visit his blog here) opinion on the newest trailer for John Carter:

Having only been introduced to the collection of stories on which this film is based – ‘John Carter of Mars’ – I find myself in a bit of a tight spot if any comparisons are to be made. This trailer is effective in giving us a base premise spoiler where we meet former Confederate Captain John Carter before he discovers a bright, shiny relic that transports him to Mars. Then of course, the real fun starts.

I really don’t want to sound like a moaning miser, but this really does look terrible. From the extremely lacklustre cast choices (Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins… oh come on, it‘s an X-Men Origins reunion!), to the abundance of throwback CGI (and when I say throwback I mean ‘dated’) and an extremely annoying action clipathon of John Carter jumping about 400 ft into the air while giving a roaring battle cry. Not to mention the very strong similarities to one of Disney’s most recently panned works – Prince Of Persia.

First published in 1917, the ‘John Carter of Mars’ series of books, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, are wildly unknown within these shores in my view, especially for contemporary audiences and those under the age of 30. It’s difficult to pinpoint what demographic this film will be aiming toward, but maybe Disney will answer that question in the near-future (aside from kids, of course).

My expectations are not high and I don’t foresee big turns at the box office.

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