Trailer Talk: Bruce Wayne, Space Jockeys and Hobbitses

Bruce Wayne, Space Jockeys, Hobbitses, Gods, R-Pattz, Channing Tatum trying to be a comedian, a PVC-clad Beckinsale and discontented teachers. Let’s talk trailers:


EMMA: I have an awful confession to make. When I first saw this trailer I was so underwhelmed and I felt really angry at myself. The Dark Knight Rises is undoubtedly my most anticipated film yet to be released and the mere mention of its name gives me heart palpitations and the potential need for a nebuliser. But there was something lacking for me. So I made the wise decision to leave it for a few days and then watch it on repeat. And the more I watched it, the more that brilliant crescendo of action towards the end had me giddy. I manage to get excited every time I see JG-L, I manage to find the stadium explosions more exciting and the Batwing looks redunk. I realised that what Nolan’s actually done with this trailer is kind of perfect – he’s given us the bare bones, because none of the true fans want potential spoilers. The film sells itself. But I will say one thing – Anne Hathaway sounds bloody amazing. Yeah, you heard.

NADINE: I cannot contain my excitement. With 2012 being full of superhero films I am dying to see, The Dark Knight Rises is at the top for me. This trailer gives us more of the film and I’ve got to say it’s different to what I thought it would be like. That’s what I love about the Batman trilogy from Christopher Nolan, with each film having a different feel, look and theme to it. Bane is the ultimate evil character and there has been a lot of speculation over the audio for him. I for one don’t care that much as it gives Bane a signature, distinctive voice to go with his distinctive appearance. Tom Hardy is set to give us a fantastic performance which I’m sure will be just as good as Heath Ledger’s Joker. Christian Bale is more muted in this trailer but looks as good as always as Bruce Wayne and we also see snippets of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard in the film. I’m still not sold by the look of Catwoman in this trailer, but I have all my faith in Nolan and Anne Hathaway. With some amazing effects on the sporting pitch and a fabulous piece of theme music which still rushes through me, The Dark Knight Rises looks more than incredible. My favourite part of the trailer is definitely the chant and I am sure we haven’t seen the best of The Dark Knight Rises yet. I’ve seen the trailer over ten times now and I’m not bored of it.


EMMA: Now THAT’S how you do a teaser. The idea of slowly morphing the title against the fast paced action will keep the name of the film engrained in the minds of those who aren’t aware of the project, while never being a massive distraction from what is going on behind it. I’m incredibly excited about the prospect of a first proper trailer for it, as I think this trailer could be hindered a little towards the end by its likeness in tone to a lot of the recent ‘found footage’ flops. For those who are in the know, there’s a lot of fun to be had searching for clues as to whether this is, in fact, a prequel. And I think there’s a few telltale signs of linked Space Jockey mythology, but I don’t want to ruin it for myself just yet. A great teaser, though, and it never fails to give me goosebumps once the text kicks in – but I would have loved to see a Red Band teaser.

NADINE: I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen the Alien films – my cousin is determined to see them all (even the third which I’ve heard is awful!) by the time Prometheus is out. This teaser, though, is incredible. Even though I don’t know much about the franchise, I understand the film will be full of tension and scares every now and then. Ridley Scott is obviously incredibly attached to the series, as certain flickers of this trailer reflect events that occur in the first film. The trailer also echoes the sounds of the original films while also being based on the first trailer for Alien. Scott and the casting director have done a fine job by casting some of the most talented and well-known actors of the last few years. Michael ‘I-can-do-pretty-much-everything’ Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce and many others ensure the film is set to definitely tempt many different audiences and this trailer is scary, mysterious and exciting.


EMMA: The three-part structure (comedy, reestablishing Jackson’s tone, EPIC) to this trailer could not work better and is a brilliant, brilliant way of selling Tolkien’s world to a whole new generation. The treat at the end is also pant-wettingly exciting. I feel as if we’re being spoiled with this trailer, treated to a film that we never thought Jackson would get to deliver and the joy in hearing McKellen’s Gandalf speak once more is hard to describe. I don’t see how Jackson can put a foot wrong here and he couldn’t be further from unnecessary sequel territory. He knows the world inside out and from the minute we see Hobbiton it is impossible not to feel at ease with and ecstatic for Jackson.

NADINE: I never got The Lord Of The Rings like others did, but I have been excited for The Hobbit for one big (or rather small) reason – Martin Freeman. I really adore the man because even though he can do many roles, he always has humour within what he does. From this trailer we can see that Freeman has made Bilbo Baggins his own which works wondrously. The first trailer includes lots of shots of the stunning setting and beautiful set pieces. I love how the trailer begins and know it’s definitely touched many devoted fans of the films and books. With a voiceover explaining what the film will centre around (‘Though I have told you the truth…I may not have told you all of it’), you feel the connection it has with the first three films while seeing how Peter Jackson is setting out to make it a prequel which will stand by itself. The ending of the trailer gave me an extra set of goosebumps as one of Andy Serkis’ most famous roles sneaks out with that word practically everybody has said at least once in their lifetime in Gollum style. Let’s hope the world doesn’t end before this is out.


EMMA: I like Liam Neeson’s voice.

NADINE: I was hugely disappointed with Clash Of The Titans. So I have low hopes for the sequel. Sam Worthington is back to reprise his role as Perseus (with long hair which I don’t get) which makes me happy, even though Clash wasn’t exactly great for him. This trailer makes the film look exciting and shows that the film will be full of action, CGI, fights and all sorts. But that’s where I feel the trailer fails because like the trailers for the first film the potential that was shown crashed and burned. I like how it’s obviously got inspiration from other recent myth-based films such as Immortals by using more fantasy demons, but the story looks bad again as the film will focus too much on the effects, 3D and action without trying to create a well-balanced or engaging plot. The soundtrack to the trailer makes the film look epic, but like I already said, I have low hopes so that I won’t be disappointed.


EMMA: I genuinely really like Robert Pattinson. And I like that he GETS ANGRY here. He’s got some great women supporting him here and it’s finally a much more adult role for him to make his mark away from Twilight. It’s also nice to hear him with his natural accent again. I think this could be a pretty strong character piece, so it’s a shame the majority of the trailer seems to put it under the ‘HBO mini-series’ banner. But hopefully a new international trailer will come along that makes it looks bigger and more promising. We will see….

NADINE: This trailer has really surprised me. The cast is obviously well-known with R-Pattz, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci and Colm Meaney, it’s stretched to different generations of talent. A lot is given away in this trailer which is a shame but it’s clear to see how the film will progress. Pattinson looks less Edward Cullen here until his little rage and the last line of the trailer about not wanting to die (I thought he was going to say he wanted to live forever but sadly he didn’t). I think the story could drag a little by the looks of things, but the cast look like they could all be great. Hopefully Pattinson will stand out more in this role away from Twilight.


EMMA: Although this shows us barely anything but recycled footage, I think it’s the first relatively slick trailer for 21 Jump Street and finally seems to confirm that it’s a mixture of Superbad and The Other Guys. It’s also the first one that’s got me paying a bit of attention. I secretly love the idea of Tatum as a comic genius, but I don’t think that’s likely. So pairing him with Hill seems like a great off kilter relationship where he has the looks and Hill the chat. Yes, I know it’s rare to find a refreshing buddy comedy these days, but maybe with the added action here this could stand out just a little. Here’s hoping.

NADINE: Surely there can’t be more trailers?! Like the others, 21 Jump Street does look funny because of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum who looks pretty hot in that suit. Many fans of the TV show will be hurt with how this film is trying to reach for its audience, but having not seen it, I think it looks ok.


EMMA: Well this is significantly better than the last trailer. Kate Beckinsale kind of leaves me speechless. That face, that accent, that leather – the fact they’re selling her in 3D as opposed to the film is perfectly understandable. The action looks fairly slick, but it’s always going to be likened to the style of Resident Evil and the effects sadly make it look more like a straight-to-DVD sequel effort. But you can tell she must have a lot of fun playing Selene and she looks sexy as hell, so who can blame her when she’ll always have a lot of obliging fanboys.

NADINE: This trailer for Underworld: Awakening is the best one by far in my opinion. It looks exciting, very dark and a little jumpy. With a lot more footage we can see this installment to the Underworld series is a lot heavier in regards to action and pace and I think fans of the original will be happy with it. I haven’t seen the others so I can’t comment as much but I think the plot of a younger vampire (hybrid, whatever) will be a good contrast to the other films as it will bring a whole lot more to the film.


EMMA: This French trailer doesn’t let you into just how many other great actors are in this – Bryan Cranston, Tim Blake Nelson and Blythe Danner also star. It’s hard to forget 2006’s Half Nelson when watching this trailer as Brody is also trying to remain ‘detached’ from those he teaches. But Brody’s a very different actor to Gosling and I absolutely adore him in The Pianist, so I am really looking forward to how he comes across as a figure of authority here.

NADINE: Detachment looks like one of those films that is great because of the performances, but won’t necessarily be big. Adrien Brody looks brilliant as one of the teachers whose lives we focus on. The film has a nice technique of looking at the teachers instead of the students and it’s obviously worked as the film has had its share of touring at film festivals this year.

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