The Great Trailer Debate – Week 7

It’s been another pretty busy week for trailers and for the first time Nadine and I have disagreed on our favourites of the week. Next week – we’ll put it up a few days after Christmas – is the biggie, though, with The Dark Knight Rises (I lied when I said we’d do that this week!), The Hobbit AND Prometheus. Mental. So, as ever, take a look at what’s below and let us know if you disagree with our opinions! We have Men In Black 3, ParaNorman (NADINE’S TIED TRAILER OF THE WEEK), The Flowers Of War, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Perfect Sense, Rock Of Ages, Jack The Giant Killer (NADINE’S TIED TRAILER OF THE WEEK), Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance, Expendables 2, Salmon Fishing In The Yemen (EMMA’S TRAILER OF THE WEEK), Lock-Out, The Dictator and Casa De Mi Padre. Oh, and if you hadn’t already guessed, it’s Ewan McGregor week.


EMMA: I’ve got to be honest and say that this trailer is really disappointing. There’s barely any humour or aliens – the two things that made the original what it was. They should have grabbed people’s attention with a brilliantly short and snappy teaser, so I’m really confused as to their tactics here. I also think they missed out a treat by leaving Jemaine Clement from the trailer, but the involvement of Emma Thompson gives me a little bit to look forward to. Plus Brolin, obvs. All feeling a little ‘blah’ right now….

NADINE: Probably one of the biggest trailers released this week, Men In Black 3 has a huge, loyal fan base, but I can’t help but feel they have been let down with this trailer – although I hope this is because it’s the first trailer and that the best scenes are left out so that they can be enjoyed in full. Will Smith doesn’t look half bad at all reprising his role as Agent J, but it’s Josh Brolin playing the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K that looks quite interesting. He has the face right and it looks like the back in time scenes will promise a few laughs. It’s very anticipated so I hope the other trailers are impressive and the film is what the fan base deserve.


EMMA: Now this is a style that has been sorely missed – something for the boys! The style of animation is really quirky and, like Coraline, it’s not going to be the lightest of films, but it looks like there’s potential for a comedy sidekick. I’m loving the music used here, but I’m still finding it a little hard to know just quite what tone this film will take – more comedy, or more adventure.

NADINE: Oh wow wow wow! As each trailer for ParaNorman is released I can’t help but build my expectations higher and higher. I have no shame in saying that the film looks frightening, but it’s the family type of horror which kids are going to go crazy over! In this trailer we see and hear Norman speak more and I’ve got to say that Kodi Smit-McPhee’s voice is great for Norman. He has an awkward voice, but it stands out for a lead. Though the first trailer was fantastic, this one reveals more of the plot which looks like it’s going to involve lots of scares and lots of laughs. It’s the second stop motion animated film to be released in 3D and I definitely think it’s going to pull in a big audience.


EMMA: Well this is rather epic. And surprisingly the trailer is very easy to follow. The cinematography looks incredible, but the film looks very different to the director’s previous films, moving away from the stylised fight scenes. The juxtaposition of the war and children’s choir is really haunting, but I wonder just how much of a wide release The Flowers Of War will get.

NADINE: It’s films like this that prove Christian Bale is very passionate about his roles and acting. Usually, these films aren’t really my type of thing but I do enjoy them most of the time. Flowers Of War looks incredibly long and like it could have the tendency to drag in parts, but it does look beautiful. From Chinese film director Yimou Zhang, the story is set in 1937 during the Nanking Massacre where a group of women take refuge in a church where Bale finds them and tries to lead them to safety. It’s been selected for the Chinese entry for Best Foreign Language film for the Academy Awards and looks to gain a lot more recognition over the next year.


EMMA: Oh dear. I hate to admit it, but this trailer is pretty slick. I kind of secretly love it a little bit. I think it’s very clever – you don’t know it’s G.I. Joe until the end, so people who hated the original needn’t lose their interest in the first few seconds, and the little cameo at the end is cheesy as hell, but kind of great. If it wasn’t for the version of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army played here, I probably wouldn’t like it quite as much, as they’ve timed a lot of effects to the song and it makes it all a little bit more tight. I’m still not particularly interested in the film, but I sure do love this trailer!

NADINE: I was hugely disappointed with the first G.I. Joe, but of course a sequel had to be made. And this trailer is immense. With The White Stripes track behind the second part of the trailer and lots of slow mo fight clips, G.I. Joe 2 is going to be all out with the action. The first trailer is all about The Rock until the last part where who-would-have-guessed-it, Bruce Willis appears. The makers have definitely tried to improve the look of the film to make everyone forget the first.


EMMA: Wow. This trailer definitely doesn’t play out as expected. It’s actually a really horrific and terrifying idea what’s portrayed here, and it looks like a very small film that has a hell of a lot to say. Starting out like One Day and ending like 28 Days Later, Perfect Sense has me very interested. Green’s Scottish accent will be better to hear when we see some more footage, but at least it stops us from being subjected to anymore of McGregor’s American.

NADINE: I remember hearing about Perfect Sense a few months back as the UK got it around then, but I never got the chance to see it. The second trailer for its release shows a lot more of the plot and shows the two sides of the film – the dramatic side as the epidemic begins and takes away people’s senses across the world but also the romance side where two people begin to fall in love despite losing their senses. The film doesn’t look incredible or amazing, but like Ewan McGregor said on a talk show, it’s a small film which he felt honoured to make. Without seeing it I can’t make my verdict, but from the look of this trailer I don’t expect much from Perfect Sense. I just like it and that will be enough.


EMMA: I’ve really missed the feisty, all singing all dancing CZ-J, so her involvement here is one of Rock Of Age’s major selling points for me. I enjoyed this trailer far more after watching it a few days later, realising that it’s going to appeal a lot more to Gleeks who are used to these modern day mash-ups. I don’t know anything about the musical, but the cast is incredible and I love the idea of Cruise sending himself up again a la Les Grossman. Baldwin looks great and I’m a big Brand fan (yeah, I said it), and Paul Giamatti can’t do anything wrong in my eyes. Let’s just hope Tobey Maguire isn’t channelling his emo-Spidey……

NADINE: I enjoyed this trailer so much more than I was expecting! From the director of Hairspray, Rock Of Ages is based on the best-selling musical about a romance in the big city in 1987. With some much-loved songs, the soundtrack looks like it’s going to bring a lot of people back to the decade. I was never fussed about this before, but after seeing the trailer I can’t wait to see it! It features many big names such as Julianne Hough from this year’s Footloose, Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Paul Giamatti, Catherine Zeta-Jones and of course, Tom Cruise. There are some funny moments in the trailer as well as a huge build up to Cruise as famous musician, Stacee Jaxx, but it’s the musical element of the film that looks the most fun. Seeing Zeta-Jones sing and dance will be grand to watch I’m sure and all round the film looks incredibly fun.


EMMA: Why haven’t they focused on letting Jack’s personality shine through and instead repeatedly shown Ewan McGregor’s face…? Strange. This is a bit of a muddle. Hoult’s not a huge star in America (spending most of his time in X-Men: First Class furry and blue), so I suppose Singer’s gone down the right route with this trailer. But it’s nowhere near as cool as the SWATH trailer and seems to be stealing a few techniques from TrollHunter. But I like the idea, I love Stanley Tucci and Eddie Marsan and I think Hoult’s got a lot more to give, so I’m definitely still very interested in this project.

NADINE: I like the idea of film adaptations from classic tales, but Jack and the Beanstalk I’ve never really been interested in. Well that’s all changed now that I’ve seen the trailer for Jack The Giant Killer. I hadn’t even heard of the film until now, but I am incredibly excited. Nicholas Hoult as Jack draws me to it as I quite simply adore him. He was great in X-Men: First Class this year and (not that I’ve seen it) I’ve heard he’s as good in A Single Man. Ewan McGregor, Bill Nighy and Stanley Tucci co-star as well which must only be good news, as well as being from director Bryan Singer whose work I loved with X-Men and Superman. This tale looks dark, but a whole lot of fun with astonishing effects. Similarly with G.I. Joe, the soundtrack really runs through you and I know this will be a trailer I enjoy watching on the big screen. Compared with both Snow White films out next year, I don’t think Jack will be as hyped, so it could surprise people.


EMMA: I just don’t care. Nothing about this gets me excited apart from another opportunity to see Nic Cage go batshit crazy. The 3D looks like it’s purely there as a gimmick and this trailer honestly has nothing on the first one. I want to see him peeing fire again please.

NADINE: I haven’t seen the first, but feel I might have to as I’m interested in Ghost Rider 2 for the 3D which looks like it’s going to be similar to what we saw this year with Final Destination 5 with the action plunged right in your face. Ghost Rider spits out bullets, breathes fire and uses a chain to whip not only other characters, but the titles of the film itself. This is one that I can’t call until I see it. If the storyline of a child being taken in by the devil is good enough it could quite possibly be better than the first, but we’re all going to have to wait until next year to find out.


EMMA: To be fair, this teaser does all it needs to. It gives us the names and faces of who’s in it and gives us the title! The ‘also Van Damme’ bit has to be my favourite, though. I’ve yet to see the chaos that is the original, but don’t find myself too fussed about this sequel in all honesty. Although, it has been said Chuck Norris can punch a cyclops between the eye.

NADINE: Over half of the teaser for Expendables 2 showcases the cast which everybody is already pretty aware of right now. The rest shows one clip where Willis explains that Stallone owes him and the time has come for him to be repaid. Most of the cast are back, with new recruits such as Thor’s little bro Liam Hemsworth and the one and only Chuck Norris. After the first did really well at the Box Office, there is no surprise a sequel has been made. One thing is for sure and that is that this film contains a lot of guns, explosions and men.


EMMA: I LOVE THIS. Apart from the overused Fray/Script-esque music towards the end. It’s so refreshing to see an original idea floating around and both director and scriptwriter have me feeling very secure. Blunt’s a superstar and McGregor looks fascinating here – something that it takes great pains for me to say. The wonderful Kristin Scott Thomas has a plum role here and seems to bring an almost Bridget Jones tone to the story. I am very, very excited about this and so glad to have finally seen a trailer for it!

NADINE: I wasn’t expecting much as I haven’t heard of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, but I liked the trailer. It starts good and ends well and as always gives a lot away in the middle. But Ewan McGregor opposite Emily Blunt looks very charming and sweet. Kristin Scott Thomas looks absolutely fantastic in it and the storyline is bizarre yet completely likeable. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen definitely has a selected audience but I think it will be admired by all because of its charming storyline and the chemistry which I can already see between Blunt and McGregor.


EMMA: Surprisingly, I’m not completely repulsed by the idea of Lock-Out and I think that’s entirely to do with Guy Pearce’s presence. He looks cheeky and arrogant, but most of all he looks like fun. Although it does all seem to play out a little like Taken in space, it’s Joe Gilgun I’m really interested in, assuming he’s taking a change from his incredible comedic characters for Luc Besson.

NADINE: After the really exciting teaser last week I’m really looking forward to Lock-Out, weirdly, because of Guy Pearce. In this trailer we see that his character is quite cocky and funny which should be interesting to see. The rest looks like a typical save-the-president’s-daughter film, but this time in space. The daughter is Taken’s Maggie Grace who will hopefully have more of an input in the film instead of the damsel in distress. The film looks like it could be incredible with very impressive visuals and a truly exciting trailer, but it’s definitely Guy Pearce who I think will have everyone interested. Written by the same writer as Taken, Leon, Taxi and many more, the film promises lots of action and a great hybrid of sci-fi.


EMMA: With Gaddafi and Kim Jong Il now dead, The Dictator has come along at a brilliant time. That trailer really does make me smile for all the wrong reasons and I’m really interested to see how the new approach goes, where Sacha doesn’t ‘surprise’ people, giving this a much bigger and more impressive cinematic feel. Also, look at that cast! John C. Reilly and Sir Ben are both on hand, but they’ve left Anna Faris out of this trailer for some reason. Yeah, ok, I’m looking forward to this…. And that Kardashians joke is brilliant.

NADINE: Oh boy. Both Bruno and Borat had me in tears laughing and Baron Cohen really knows how to make comedy that you either love or hate, but I feel as if the Dictator is a few years late. His role in Hugo was perfect as he didn’t feature too much but when he was on-screen he brought a lot of fun to the film and I wish he continued with these roles. Sacha obviously got on with Ben Kingsley in Hugo as he features in the film as well as John C. Reilly and Megan Fox. You’re either going to like The Dictator or not. It’s extremely racist and offensive which is what you’d expect, but I didn’t find it as funny as I was hoping. But saying that, the last scene got to me and I laughed a lot and regretted it soon after. For the cinema release, it’s going to be a miss for me but I’ll probably end up giving in and watching it when it’s on TV.


EMMA: This is amazing! I’m completely sold and have been since the get go. I don’t have a lot to say about this, other than I think it’s an incredibly brave but perfect choice from Ferrell. Also, Gael Garcia Bernal? Hello.

NADINE: This literally IS a teaser! So quick but completes its job! I’m intrigued at how this film will pan out. The film stars Will Ferrell and is directed by Funny or Die director Matt Piedmont, so it’s obviously going to gain a lot of laughs. Other than that I’m not sure what it will be, but from the look of the teaser it’s going down the road of a spoof. I need to see a little more but am looking forward to the next trailer.

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