The Great Trailer Debate – Week 6

What a week! With the insane amount of Awards and nominations over the last two days it’s taken me a little longer than usual to post this. But this is definitely a nice break for me and one that doesn’t include having to write out Michel Hazanavicius’ name over and over and over…… The sad thing is that I can write his name without thinking now. Anyway, back to the trailers. This week Nadine and I (check out her blog here) bring you The Five-Year Engagement, The Lorax, The Darkest Hour, The Cabin In The Woods, Lockout, This Means War, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close (TRAILER OF THE WEEK), The Three Stooges, The Iron Lady, The Lucky One, What To Expect When You’re Expecting and Battleship. Wowzer. Next week brings us something that makes me want to (and I probably will) cry – The Dark Knight Rises.


EMMA: I’m glad to see they’ve kept Emily Blunt’s English accent for this, as I genuinely think that’s where a lot of her rather cutesy charm lies. I also have a real fondness for Segel, especially as he will now forever be known as The Man Who Resurrected The Muppets. The funniest bits from Bridesmaids were left out of the trailer and I’m hoping that will be the same case here, although it’s fair to assume there will be quite a bit of physical comedy in this film. I’m looking forward to this and I think it’s going to be another surefire hit from the Apatow machine. Oh, and hi Rhys Ifans.

NADINE: The trailer for The Five-Year Engagement has pulled a silly trick by saying it’s from the same producer as Bridesmaids. The film doesn’t look anywhere near as hilarious as Bridesmaids did, yet I still see potential. Like most of my views on films from their trailers, The Five-Year Engagement (for me) is a film about the actors because I adore Emily Blunt. We’ve seen her act funny in The Devil Wears Prada but this looks like a different style and I am quite looking forward to it. Jason Segel looks funny, but other than a few laughs here and there, this film needs a little more before I can say it looks good!


EMMA: Oh, I really like this. Like, I REALLY like this trailer. From The Polyphonic Spree to Vampire Weekend to the How To Train Your Dragon-esque music at the end, there is a real sense of wonder and joy to this trailer. The opening narration from DeVito is magical and I think Efron is a great choice for the male lead. The trailer doesn’t go too much into any complicated subplot, keeping it light and fun and it’s great to finally get a bit more back story on The Lorax. I’m mega excited about this right now, so hoping it’s a treat for all the family, or I’ll be really disappointed!

NADINE: I really liked Horton Hears A Who a few years back and I find I can easily settle to watch a Dr. Seuss film if it’s on TV. The Lorax looks more Horton Hears A Who then Cat In The Hat, thank goodness, which is mostly due to the voice talents of DeVito and Ms. Betty White. The overall randomness of it makes the film look very entertaining and the colours within the fun animation look very intriguing. I have hopes for The Lorax as it’s from the makers of the delightful Despicable Me, so this is going to have to be one we’ll have to wait and see for!


EMMA: Don’t be put off by the 3D here. I’ve seen about five minutes of the film and let me tell you that the 3D is insane. The colour is great and it really is designed to be seen that way. This is a very short trailer, but it gives us what we need to know, being to the point and providing a vague overview of the situation. The dialogue is incredibly clunky, but something tells me this film ain’t about the script! The Russian setting is also an interesting change to our usual American ones, but I doubt that has much of an effect on the actual story. Unless it’s some kind of postapocalyptic Chernobyl thing. My only gripe is Emile Hirsch. Why oh why is he not the megastar he’s destined to be?! I genuinely see him as the next DiCaprio, but we’ll just have to keep our eyes on his future projects.

NADINE: Ever since the teaser was released back in the summer, I have been hoping that The Darkest Hour turns out to be good. It definitely looks like one of those films that will work really well or fail miserably (like when I saw Skyline… What a bad day). It’s nice to see that even though the film is in 3D, the trailer doesn’t aim to shows all of the clips where the more ‘3D-ness’ scenes will be used. This second trailer includes a lot more deaths that will occur throughout but still not too much for it to be spoilt, which I like very much. The cast looks like it could surprise audiences too, with Emile Hirsch who, let’s face it, is a great actor anyway, but also Olivia Thirlby and Max Minghella who are probably recognised most from Juno and The Social Network. My fingers are crossed for this!


EMMA: Ok. I can’t decide if they’ve shown too much or just enough here. But I am a little intrigued. I don’t really like films like this as I’m a bit of a wimp and have been known to shout at the television – during Disturbia, shamefully – but this seems to have a sci-fi element to it that gets more and more apparent throughout the trailer. A pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth and his friends need something special to help them stand out amongst the countless other teen horror movies, but I still have an inkling there’s a lot left unseen.

NADINE: Horrors based in the woods are not usually my thing, but like the trailer explains, The Cabin In The Woods has a sci-fi edge to it making it seem different from the other horrors. I’m still not sold as I simply don’t enjoy young actors screaming and dying for an hour and forty-five minutes, but Chris Hemsworth gives me a reason to see it.


EMMA: This has the most inventive way of showing a film’s cast I’ve ever seen and I kinda love it. Guy Pearce seems to be doing his best Tyler Durden impression and it’s great to see Peter Stormare who should be in far more films in my opinion. The genre of this quite obviously resides somewhere between sci-fi space quest and Minority Report-esque action thriller, but it’s been kept rather under the radar so I’m not expecting big things. Lennie James and Joseph Gilgun are also in Lockout, so I’m hoping this means there’ll be some laugh out loud moments from the latter.

NADINE: This is a smart teaser for Lockout which doesn’t fully give us the plot, only hinting at some possibilities. The first part of the trailer is interesting as Guy Pearce keeps getting punched for not cooperating with the people investigating him. After this the film turns very sci-fi as it is set in space and has lots of action chase scenes including Pearce. Personally, I need a little more, so for now the teaser for Lockout is only intriguing.


EMMA: It’s official – Tom Hardy can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. We’ve seen him do subtle comedy in Inception, so I’m fascinated to see how his character will be pitched here. I’m also very glad he stuck with an English accent for this, giving him a lot more contrast to Chris ‘Kirk’ Pine. I’ve never been too sure how I feel about Witherspoon, and although she top lines the film, it’s pretty obvious she won’t be the centre of attention. I’m hoping this is an above average action comedy, but if not, it’s quite obvious Pine was in his absolute element filming it.

NADINE: Well… It’s obvious I’m (possibly Emma too) not seeing this based on its dramatic plot or the spy theme. Tom Hardy and Chris Pine look hot and they look hilarious next to one another. If it wasn’t Hardy or Pine I would not be interested whatsoever – especially as I’m not a Reese Witherspoon fan. Other than my obvious reasons for seeing it, I do hope it’s good because it looks very funny in places. The premise is silly and I hope it keeps to the silly in the ‘war’. I also hope Hardy and Pine forget about Witherspoon in the end.


EMMA: That opening is pretty hilarious!! The premise of this third installment seems a little farfetched. But it could work. At the end of the day, Madagascar has an incredibly huge fan base and who doesn’t love those penguins?! It will make the kids laugh and it looks like it’s going to be going at a million miles an hour. Let’s just hope the human interaction doesn’t spoil the fun. Also, I watched that end bit with the zebra about twenty times in a row. It gets funnier each time.

NADINE: There’s no surprise Madagascar has got in on the 3D! The first film did very well and I enjoyed it a lot as I love a good animation. The second film wasn’t anywhere near as good and I found it dragged, so I’m torn with the third. The penguins, like always, look like the funniest while Marty’s clown dressing up will definitely get laughs from the little ones! DreamWorks can make good sequels (Shrek, Kung Fu Panda), but the third installment of Shrek wasn’t good at all, so it’ll be a hit or a miss. I’m hoping for a hit.


EMMA: It’s really hard to quite know what to say about the subject matter in question. What I do believe is that this is potentially a beautiful story set against one of the worst events in recent history. Although this didn’t make me cry like the first trailer, my anticipation for this film is still very high and there’s a fair bit of Oscar buzz around it, mainly in regards to Von Sydow. Stephen Frears has once again assembled an incredible cast and his lead Thomas Horn has the most beautiful face and I’m really excited to see what he brings as he looks like a really bright new talent. It’s no surprise what happens to Hanks’ character, but it doesn’t make it feel any easier to know his fate.

NADINE: I really want this film to be as sad and incredible as the trailer makes out. When watching the second trailer for Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, I felt my heart take a plunge because of the truly heartbreaking introduction. Based on a book, the film revolves around young Oskar Schell, whose father died in 9/11. After being left a key he goes on a discovery to find what his father left him. It definitely looks like the film is going to be a tear jerker, but one that will have a fulfilling ending. It’ll be interesting to see Tom Hanks opposite Sandra Bullock in an emotional drama like this, but I have a feeling Thomas Horn (who plays Oskar) is going to stand out.


EMMA: Oh wow. OK, where to start… This is definitely trying to be sold in the same vein as Dumb & Dumber. But all that does is remind me how Jim Carrey was originally in the film. I guess time will tell if people are interested in this kind of comedy without Carrey. Even seeing Snooki get poked in the eyes didn’t make this any better.

NADINE: Wait, what?! It pains me because I kind of understand what the Farrelly Brothers were trying to create when they took on a film about The Three Stooges. But I think they have gone the wrong way about it. They are using the right style of comedy, but somehow it just does not work and it does not look funny. I can’t help but feel that the Farrelly’s really wanted Jim Carrey to be in it and the part is written with him in mind. It is a shame he’s not in it, but from the look of it I’d rather Carrey didn’t go for it. Also, why is Snooki in it?


EMMA: I’m off to see this on Thursday and I’m really interested about what Mamma Mia! director Phyllida Law will bring to it. Meryl obviously loves working with her and that’s no bad thing. This trailer delves a little more into Thatcher’s reasoning for becoming a hard-shelled politician, dealing with constant sexism and definitely sympathizing with her. Streep looks great and her facial expressions and voice are definitely very powerful, but let’s hope the rest of the film can keep up with her.

NADINE: This is definitely an Oscar worthy trailer! This trailer for The Iron Lady really sets out the film’s plot and it looks like it is most definitely held together by Meryl Streep’s performance.


EMMA: Ahhh, Nicholas Sparks. Your film adaptations are an absolute guilty pleasure for us girls, leading to crying that borders on choking and keeping bands like The Fray in business. Although this is predictable as hell, it’s good to see Efron growing up and the war bits at the beginning look surprisingly convincing. Add in Blythe Danner for a bit of fun and this looks considerably better than the run of soppy crap that’s been released recently.

NADINE: The Lucky One looks like a typical Nicholas Sparks book-turned-film, but I can’t help but adore it. The surprising part of The Lucky One is that even though it’s not a new role for Zac Efron, he looks more grown up than ever. Like most trailers, it’s easy to see how The Lucky One is going to pan out (even though I don’t fully understand why Efron can’t tell Schilling that he found her picture) but it should be interesting to see. As I haven’t read the book, The Lucky One looks less sad than the previous Sparks films, but I’m sure something shocking will occur to make me cry.


EMMA: So New Year’s Eve bombed. But this trailer seems to breathe life into the formula. I have a lot of love for Elizabeth Banks and I think starting off the trailer with her is an absolute winner. But it’s only when Anna Kendrick’s smiley little face pops up that I properly take notice. The cast is a really interesting mix and of all of them it’s pretty obvious that Lopez and Santoro would give birth to the cutest kids in the history of mankind. I think this will be a lot of fun, but I’m guessing it will be down to specific cast members as opposed to direction. But we’ll see.

NADINE: I think it’s doomed from possible similarities to New Year’s Eve, but the cast was not what I expected. Ok, so Elizabeth Banks, Cameron Diaz, J-Lo and Matty Morrison from Glee are kind of predictable and don’t look too shabby, but Anna Kendrick has me sold! I adore her in everything and to me she turns the bad films into better ones.


EMMA: So here’s the latest from Michael Bay. Sorry, Peter Berg. Teeheehee. Selling Battleship off the back of Transformers works – it means it doesn’t look quite so much like they’re trying to rip it off. Kind of. Brooklyn Decker’s blatantly only in this to look pretty, but using Rihanna in the trailer will hopefully mean some girls who wouldn’t usually go for this sort of film will be interested due to her involvement. It’s an epic trailer and I’m not too sure how I feel about Liam Neeson being in it, but I sure as hell find it hard to recognise Taylor Kitsch without all his hair! We get a proper look at the ‘aliens’ in this second trailer and they’re a real disappointment if I’m honest. They look like someone who would be in Halo. They’re not scary or intimidating, so I wonder what will be their ‘special power’. It’s hard to get too excited about this, but it’s always fun to try and see someone else vie for the Bayhem crown.

NADINE: It’s obvious who Battleship’s demographic is and there is no doubt that it will make enough money to guarantee a sequel and possibly a trilogy. It’s pretty much identical to Transformers – but in water. But some good could come of it. Like Emma and I both mentioned last week, Taylor Kitsch is someone who I know is going to make it big over the next few years, especially with John Carter. Although this trailer focuses mainly on the effects of the very Transformers-esque alien/robots and we don’t see enough of Kitsch, I am sure and hopeful that he is going to get huge recognition next year for both blockbuster films. I’m not feeling Rihanna in the film, but hey, it will make lots of money so they had the right idea when casting! I could be wrong, but this trailer seems to give away a major death in the film which is far too spoilery for me, but for the most part it’s all about the effects which do look spectacular.

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