Excited Doesn’t Even Cover It

10 responses to “Excited Doesn’t Even Cover It

  1. I am also very excited about this, and what an awesome poster!

  2. He is a genius with his marketing. I may have to get one for my wall

  3. I need to get one. I think maybe one of the ones from The Dark Knight series. There were some blinders. But we’ll wait and see what else is released for this, too.

  4. This increases the probability that Nolan will follow the KnightFall story arc from the comics – you knew about that right????

  5. I know, but the reason I’m thinking it won’t be done is due to that photo of Tom Hardy larking around on set that has just been released. He’s playing around with a crew member and reenacting ‘that’ moment. Would he really have done that if it was the route they were going down? Plus Nolan’s never one for predictability! I love how I tried to keep that spoiler free there haha.

  6. Expertly handled – while I didn’t believe Nolan would use THAT particular action, I think Bane’s story will borrow heavily from Knightfall i.e. criminal mastermind who stretches Batman to breaking point – BUT….I still think that a main character will suffer THAT particular bit of violence – look back at the teaser trailer released earlier this year, and my money is on Gordon…..

  7. Why thank you 🙂 Yes, I totally agree that we’d be stupid to rule it out. And I like your thoughts on Oldman – I hadn’t even thought of it that way. That new trailer can’t come soon enough.

  8. Incredibly excited for this film but…I don’t like that poster.

    I actually had a dream a week or so back about THAT scene (if you guys are talking about what I think you’re talking about). It was one of the worst dreams I’ve ever had.

  9. At first I really wasn’t too keen. But it’s grown on me. Plus there needs to be a way for Joe Public to understand ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ means ‘Batman’, hence the need for the mask in the forefront. I know people that weren’t even aware The Dark Knight was a sequel to Batman Begins. In fact, they weren’t even aware of Batman Begins. My heart struggled with that one…!!

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