This Boy Is More Than A Little Bit Special

6 responses to “This Boy Is More Than A Little Bit Special

  1. Loved this film. Loved and hated this character. Ditto Jordana. Comfortably in my Top 5 of the year so far.

    • I loved hating Jordana. She’s so appealing, but knows exactly what she’s doing to Oliver! I’m really struggling with my Top Ten of 2011 at the moment. So many sitting on the edge and it’s hard to decide!

  2. “He wasn’t even considered hard until the Watkin twins famously stabbed him in the back with compasses. He said nothing; showed no discomfort as his shirt blossomed with blood poppies. His stoicism reminded me of the brave men who died in the First World War. “

    • This bit made me laugh so much! It’s so brilliant, because it isn’t said in such a matter of fact way. I bloody love Oliver Tate.

      • There are several Oliver moments I could pick as a highlight but I’m going for the equally deadpan:

        ‘Chips says that if a girl won’t get it on with you on New Year’s Eve, then you may as well cut it off… I’m beginning to think that we may grow apart’

      • I want to get a copy of the script. I wonder how different the book is in comparison. I just love the way it’s written. Craig Roberts’ delivery is what makes the film. I could rave about it a little too much…..!!

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