The Great Trailer Debate – Week 5

It’s definitely fair to say that we have rather a mixed bag for you this week, with comedy, action, drama and thrillers all covered in last week’s trailer releases. So, without further ado, Nadine and I (check her blog out here) bring you Wrong, John Carter, The Sitter, The Grey, War Horse, Shame (TRAILER OF THE WEEK) and Wish You Were Here.


EMMA: This looks so wonderfully offbeat and is actually a very refreshing trailer to start this week’s debate off with. It honestly does look amazing and I’m loving how it all seems to revolve around a dog, with a potential heist subplot. This is only the Sundance teaser, so I look forward to seeing a lot more from this, but there is one thing that absolutely sold this to me in the last few seconds – WILLIAM FRICKING FICHTNER!!!!

NADINE: From the teaser trailer it is obvious Wrong isn’t going to be a film for everyone. From this first, very random, trailer, it looks like the film isn’t going to follow a simple pattern either and that’s what will make it special. But it’s a Sundance film and it’s easy to see why.


EMMA: We have to remember that Disney’s latest offering is directed by Andrew Stanton, the man behind Finding Nemo and Wall-E. Watching this trailer for John Carter makes you realise what a gift the guys over at Pixar seem to have in regards to depth and sheer scale of their productions. I saw some footage for this a few months ago and it seems to be more in line with what I wanted Cowboys & Aliens to be and we already know Kitsch can do action after his role as Gambit in Wolverine. The beautiful Lynn Collins also featured in the Marvel film and it’s great to see her given some more A-list potential with this role. The effects and scale of this look insane, but the inclusion of this cover of Kashmir can make anything epic! The ever-reliable Mark Strong and Dominic West pop up in there and it’s also looking more polished than I expected for a film still in post production. The fascination for me lies in how this isn’t your average Disney film and that I genuinely have no idea what to expect. Show us what you’ve got, Stanton.

NADINE: Since the very first teaser I have been interested in Disney’s latest live action film. John Carter is definitely a hugely anticipated movie of 2012 as it already has a fan base from the books. The cast doesn’t look half bad either. I enjoyed Taylor Kitsch in Wolverine a few years back and hope this will be his deserved breakthrough. This trailer has gloriously stunning visuals and action which is sure to be fantastic, but I’m not really feeling it from this. I’m hoping the next trailer will grip me as I really want to be excited


EMMA: This third trailer is another Green Band one and does seem to give you the whole narrative – I’m hoping the best jokes are still in the film. I want to learn more about Rodrigo, as he looks like he’s going to be an absolute nightmare, but it’s Sam Rockwell’s presence that gives me any hope of this being a little better than your average Jonah Hill-esque comedy.

NADINE: I don’t want to like the look of The Sitter, but Jonah Hill draws me in because he’s doing what he does best. Opposite a bunch of youngsters, Hill seems more crude than usual and you can’t help but like him. In this trailer the young girl looks like she could outshine everyone, but personally I’m not sold.


EMMA: We get to see a lot more in this second trailer and it’s a far different narrative set-up to what I expected. Everyone’s lapping up angry Neeson post-Taken, so I have no doubts this will do well. I don’t think it’s going to be a particularly effects-heavy film, but if wolves do feature heavily then it will be interesting to see quite how they pull them off. However, I have a feeling this is going to be more about the fight for survival in the ice than the actual physical wolf fighting.

NADINE: This trailer looked quite good up until the last part. I like the idea of The Grey and Liam Neeson so I hope this will be one of those films that is not too hyped up but still gets good reviews. I’ve got to see more to decide whether or not I want to see it, so for now I’m just a ‘maybe’.


EMMA: I don’t believe this trailer is being played throughout American cinemas, but it is a really interesting one to watch. Getting the actors to talk about the film is definitely a different approach but, hey, it’s Oscar season, so you can’t blame Spielberg for going a little sentimental over the project! It does also make War Horse seem the most English it ever has. Which is no bad thing. Cumberbatch looks absolutely fantastic as Major Stewart – him and Hiddleston definitely have a massive factor in my anticipation for this film. I have to admit that I have been sold on this since the start unlike a lot of people I know, so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how American giant Spielberg handles such a quintessentially British tale.

NADINE: I’ve seen the trailer for War Horse about four times in the cinema and it never fails to give me goosebumps. The latest trailer shares the actors’ feelings towards the film which I am sure to feel when I see it. The soundtrack by John Williams is beautiful and I adore the colours in the trailer. I’m not fully aware of how War Horse is going to end as I haven’t read the book or seen the show, but I get the impression I might need tissues.


EMMA: I sort of feel like I’m copping out by making Shame Trailer of the Week again, but I literally cannot express how soul-destroying the wait for this film is for me! I love how well crafted these trailers have been, with this new Red Band one giving us a slightly closer insight to what goes on in Brandon’s life. The subtle music adds to the tension, with the contrast of the smooth tube ride and the exciting aftermath wonderfully contrasted. We are also reminded this is a film about what is potentially forbidden by focusing on a wedding ring at one point. The best thing about this trailer is that we are left realising we still barely know anything about the film – something that is strongly lacking in a lot of marketing.

NADINE: I don’t think anyone really needs to see any more trailers to make them want to see Shame. Each time a trailer comes out, more awards are added to it, though this time this Red Band trailer gives us more glimpses to the theme of the film and the characteristics of Michael Fassbender’s Brandon.


EMMA: It all looked pretty good and then it went a little crazy. Is this meant to be a thriller? A drama? Or is it even borderline horror? Not quite getting a clear message here. It’s good to see Edgerton working in Australian films as well as American, but after the incredible Warrior, I want to see him get the recognition he deserves. I just don’t honestly believe him to be a chameleon like Warrior co-star Hardy. I don’t think this is going to be anything special, with Teresa Palmer another Australian up and comer, but it’s playing at Sundance, so should be a little different.

NADINE: This is one of the better trailers of the week. Drama thriller Wish You Were Here is a film about four friends on a trip where one of them goes missing. The trailer is clever in acting calm and sweet at the beginning but later it becomes haunting and overwhelming with footage speeding up to cause discomfort. It looks like a film with a big twist near the end which intrigues me and the cast including Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer looks great.

2 responses to “The Great Trailer Debate – Week 5

  1. INtrigued by the trailers for WRONG & WISH YOU WERE HERE!!

    • Makes me wish I could just jet over to America as and when I please to go to Sundance!! I’m far more interested in Wrong, personally, but I’d be stupid to write Wish You Were Here off completely before I’d seen it.

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