The Great Trailer Debate – Week 4

It’s not a particularly strong week for trailers, with no huge releases touched upon. However, there’s a nice variation of genres and still a fair bit of intrigue. So, this week Nadine (check out her blog here) and I look at new trailers for Rampart (TRAILER OF THE WEEK), Beauty And The Beast 3D, W.E., The Woman In Black, The Vow and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.


EMMA: After Natural Born Killers, I’ve always loved the idea of Woody Harrelson as your slightly unhinged madman. So this has me very interested, with the mixture of such a wonderfully bizarre cast and a script based on one of James Ellroy’s books a big part of this interest. I have no idea how this is going to play out when the trailer tries to balance its ‘festival darling’ status with a lot of action. Personally, I don’t think this film’s going to feature a hell of a lot of action so someone should warn the production company to keep their eyes peeled for that crazy lady who tried to sue the makers of Drive for their film being nothing like Fast Five. But I digress. The white, title/quote screens are annoying when Shame’s pulled it off so well in its last two trailers and just because Harrelson’s performance is Oscar worthy doesn’t mean he’s going to be nominated. At it’s core, I don’t expect this to be much more than a family drama. But we’ll see.

NADINE: I admit I haven’t heard anything about Rampart and when the trailer began all I could think of was how Woody Harrelson looked like he was playing a bit of a Jason Statham role. But once the trailer hits 12 seconds there is obviously nothing Statham about Harrelson’s character here. The best thing about the trailer is the titles for the other actors in the film who are all well known and are sure to give a good performance – but they have absolutely nothing on Woody Harrelson! This film looks immense, and this is all because of Harrelson who (from the review titles in the trailer) apparently gives an outstanding, Oscar worthy performance. I am definitely excited to see this.


EMMA: Oh dear. I’m not feeling this. And I feel terrible for saying that! I’m not quite feeling the magic, but maybe that’s because watching this trailer in 2D doesn’t give us any sense of how these animations will convert into a 3D version on the big screen. I’m not convinced just yet and wonder how the conversion will compare to The Lion King as the animation looks far more dated here. Sorry Nadine…..

NADINE: As a massive (and I mean massive) Disney nerd, I’m all for the Disney 3D re-releases. The 3D is bound to get people under the age of 12 wanting to see the film either again or for the first time and it’s a chance for older fans to see the classics back on the big screen. I’d usually opt for the 2D screening, but The Lion King was much more stunning in 3D, which was unexpected. Because of the success of The Lion King re-release, Disney has cleverly decided to re-release lots of others including The Little Mermaid for 2013. Beauty and the Beast is a timeless classic, so I’ll definitely be seeing it.


EMMA: Definitely a little surprised by this trailer after all the Madonna-bashing it got a little while back. I think Riseborough looks and sounds absolutely great and Madonna’s assembled a great little English cast that’s fleshed out with Laurence Fox and Natalie Dormer. I’m rather convinced by this side of the film, but it’s the Abbie Cornish part where my doubts come in. It looks like a great labour of love for Madonna and kudos to her for directing a film that doesn’t necessarily paint Simpson as the villain. I’m just hoping these two halves merge well enough to give us a convincing and coherent film, without it becoming an historical mess. But Oscar Isaac’s kind of my hero.

NADINE: I’ve surprised myself by actually quite enjoying the trailer for Madonna’s W.E, though I can’t say I’m definitely going to see it. It looks like a sweet tale and Abbie Cornish looks good, but for me I’ve got to see a lot more before I can make up my mind!


EMMA: I’m not good at jumpy films. In fact, I’m terrible. But I’m definitely off to see The Woman In Black come February. This new trailer is suitably chilling and and I’m looking forward to seeing what The Boy Who Lived has to offer post-Potter. Radcliffe could have chosen never to work again, but I want to see him back on the big screen and it’s great to see this trailer doesn’t give too much away. Bring it on.

NADINE: The Woman In Black looks extremely frightening for me, but I’m excited as Daniel Radcliffe looks very promising in his first big role since Harry Potter came to an end. With lots of tension and freaky dolls, I reckon The Woman In Black is going to do quite well.


EMMA: And here’s my guilty pleasure. Rachel McAdams, I love you and how you can work in every genre. But mainly I love the way I know you being in this film will guarantee a lot of tears when I see this. The start of this trailer is extremely cute and we are introduced to a very spontaneous couple who are head over heels in love. But, by the end of the trailer, I know I’m going to have my heart broken and I think it looks like Tatum will prove there’s more to him than just muscles. Yes, it’s obvious they’re trying to palm this off as the next Notebook, Dear John, etc, etc, etc, but that’s the audience they’re trying to reach here and it sure as hell works.

NADINE: The Vow looks completely heartbreaking and this trailer didn’t help at all by including one of my favourite songs by Taylor Swift. I adore Rachel McAdams in pretty much everything she’s in and Channing Tatum is obviously very nice to look at and has quite a nature for romantic films. The fact that the trailer and the film will begin with the couple in love will cause more tears, I’m sure, and I guess the ending is already known considering its genre. McAdams’ character not only forgets her husband, but remembers being engaged to someone else, which is even more heartbreaking as the story is inspired by true events. Yes I’m falling for it all as I’m a sucker for these types of films, but it’s because of Rachel McAdams that I am definitely seeing this.


EMMA: WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS TO THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS?!!! Oh well – at least it proves they can make any pap vaguely interesting. To be fair, this trailer is far better than the first and doesn’t feature any of the ‘comedy’ we saw. I’m still hoping the CG is better than we see here, as the scope for this island is huge. But I think I made my opinion pretty clear the other week – I’m not expecting much and still hope Vanessa Hudgens gets eaten by some nasty bug.

NADINE: I really don’t want to see this. I feel kind of sad that Josh Hutcherson agreed to be in the sequel because he really does not need it and I have no idea what Michael Caine thought about the film. The 3D doesn’t look that bad, though, so I’m sure it’ll be a big family film and it will probably do a lot better at the Box Office than the first.

One response to “The Great Trailer Debate – Week 4

  1. Rampart – Looks awesome. I was very impressed with Woody in The Messenger, so I’ll definitely be seeing this.

    Beauty and the Beast – Nah. I actually like the film having grown up with it (and three sisters) but I doubt I’ll be seeing this.

    W.E. – So wait, this is like the reverse of The King’s Speech? Hmm – that film casts a very big shadow. Still, it doesn’t look bad.

    The Woman in Black – I. Am. So. There. Although the first trailer was infinitely scarier.

    The Vow – I actually wouldn’t mind seeing this.

    Journey 2 – Still gonna pass.

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