The Great Trailer Debate – Week 3

Nadine (check out her blog here) and I are spoiling you this week with rather a big selection to look at! There’s (deep breath) The Hunger Games (TRAILER OF THE WEEK!!!), Brave, Mirror Mirror, The Iron Lady, Gone, Carnage, Being Flynn, Titanic 3D, Shame, The Sitter, Happy Feet Two, The Deep Blue Sea and Pirates! A Band Of Misfits/In An Adventure With Scientists, depending on which country you’re from! So take a look and tweet or comment your opinions!


EMMA: People need to stop trying to pin this down as ‘The New Twilight’, because it isn’t – I’m glad this trailer doesn’t make me feel that way either. When I heard Lionsgate wanted Jennifer Lawrence to portray a sixteen year-old I was more than a little wary, but with her darkened hair and natural face, I think she looks absolutely great. Elizabeth Banks is completely unrecognisable as Effie Trinket and I am most intrigued about what she’s going to bring to the film. The trailer shows a lot of footage for a first full-length, but plays to its advantage and the audiences excitement by leaving the events of the actual games well and truly hidden. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Katniss with her bow and arrow in this world where Big Brother has gone a little too crazy.

NADINE: As a fan of the books, I am very hopeful for this adaptation of The Hunger Games, as I feel it’s in the right hands at Lionsgate. The cast are ideal, especially Jennifer Lawrence who looks fearless as our protagonist Katniss Everdeen. I am still unsure of Josh Hutcherson’s appearance as Peeta, but his part in The Kids Are All Right is proof that he is turning into a passionate young actor. Thor’s little bro Liam Hemsworth again looks ok-ish, but it’s the older cast of Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks and Lenny Kravitz who will (I hope) make The Hunger Games as good as it was to read. The trailer is clever because it shows a lot of footage and gives a fantastic introduction to the games for people who haven’t read the books. But, the trailer doesn’t show any footage from the games themselves, so the mystery for fans and non-fans is still there. I, for one, am very excited.


EMMA: Pixar could release a Justin Bieber movie and I’d be first in line. I love everything they’ve ever done and would definitely call myself more than just a fan. It’s so nice to finally put some voices to the faces here and the Scottish tones narrating the start make it feel very epic. Granted, the animation’s pretty different to what we’re used to with Pixar, but I love how they’ve made Merida look quite so lifelike, having a real organic quality to her animation – and don’t even get me started on how much I love her hair! With glimpses of comedy throughout this trailer (I’m desperate to see more of those three little bears!), it’s hard to pin down quite what overall tone the film will take, but it’s safe to say that it is starting to look very impressive.

NADINE: The thing I like most about Brave is that Pixar have taken a little detour from their other features. Set in Scotland, Brave has a narrative which is similar to other Pixar projects with the main character feeling like an outcast who is desperate to find their true identity. The visuals look more stunning than ever; the colours are beautiful (especially Merida’s hair) and it’s obvious Brave is going to be a treat for the eyes.


EMMA: In token Tarsem style, Mirror Mirror was always going to be slightly off-the-wall, but I need to see some more footage to really understand what angle he’s trying to go for here. The gorgeous visuals and beautiful colours are there to see, but I really want to believe Julia Roberts can pull this off. It’s a little unfair for her that Charlize Theron nailed it in the SWATH trailer last week, with her character far harsher and darker than Roberts’. Also, is Roberts meant to be British or American here?! Definitely sticking far more to the original Grimm Tales stories than SWATH, this looks far more child-friendly and the dwarves could potentially be a lot of fun. I don’t want to write this off just yet, but I’m not completely convinced by Lily Collins.

NADINE: After the fabulous trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman that premiered last week, the bar was set for Mirror Mirror to try and beat it. It doesn’t look as good, but the trailer has a few promising parts. Personally, I think Julia Roberts looks ok (she has nothing on Theron, let’s be honest) and Mirror Mirror is certainly a lot truer to the original Grimm Tale than SWATH, but I like the twist better. The costumes and sets look quite pretty and I’m probably the only one who thinks Armie Hammer looks really good as the prince. Right now I’m more pumped for SWATH than Mirror Mirror, but we’ll find out what’s better next year.


EMMA: I know this is a UK trailer, but what I love about this is how it doesn’t feel Americanized. I forget it’s Streep after the initial introduction and just see Maggie. But it will be interesting to see just how much comedy is injected into the film with Phyllida Lloyd of Mamma Mia! success at the helm. I’m seriously looking forward to this, especially as Jim Broadbent gets another chance to act in a film that is under serious consideration during the Oscar Race. I’m loving the sense of loneliness that overshadows the trailer, but still don’t quite feel decided on whether this is all about Meryl, or a very strong ensemble piece.

NADINE: Meryl Streep is just so fantastic, isn’t she?! There is no doubt that The Iron Lady is one a lot of people are excited to see and it’s mainly because of Streep.


EMMA: I love Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls, but that’s about the only role I ever think she’s been right for. Yes, ok, Mamma Mia! is a pass, too, but I’m sure she’s worthy of better things than she’s been doing recently. Unlike this. Definitely won’t be seeing this at the cinema, but I’m sure when it’s on TV it will be an acceptable way of wasting ninety minutes. Sorry Mandy.

NADINE: Hmm. Gone doesn’t look too bad and I can sense that there will be a big twist in the film as the kidnapper of the sister isn’t shown in the trailer. Here’s hoping.


EMMA: I’m really liking the look of work-obsessed Christoph Waltz here and I’m so relieved he’s doing an American accent for a change. He looks droll and brilliant, but I know he’ll be absolutely hilarious. He’s had some stinkers of late, so this is a relief. I’m looking forward to seeing him play off John C. Reilly who is such a different actor to Waltz and who looks like he’ll be playing the sort of dad that encourages his kids to get into spats. It might be a little too obvious to say I expect Waltz to steal the show, but I do, it’s as simple as that. But with three other Oscar-nominated actors, it’s going to be a good fight.

NADINE: This trailer could probably be my second favourite of the week. Carnage is either going to be very good or very bad, but the cast has me thinking it will be good. All four lead actors look great and Waltz especially looks like he’ll be funny. I do hope the film is as enjoyable as the two minutes I spent watching the trailer.


EMMA: I will argue with anybody who contests Paul Dano’s talent. But I will admit that Cowboys & Aliens did him absolutely no favours – but that film was a mess. It’s such a relief to see him back to this sort of project, especially when he’s going to be flexing his muscles opposite the man himself, De Niro. Julianne Moore’s presence has me onboard from the start and, coming from the director of About A Boy, this looks like a wonderful mix of unconventional comedy and tragedy. De Niro hasn’t had any huge, meaty and emotional roles of late, so this has me very, very eager.

NADINE: The trailer for Being Flynn makes me feel the way I did whenever I saw The Soloist trailer at the cinema. I really want it to be good because it looks very touching and powerful.


EMMA: I’ve said it before, but I’ve seen a fair bit of footage from Titanic 3D and I think it’s absolutely stunning. I’ve only seen the film once and I wouldn’t exactly call myself a fan, but the 3D I’ve seen is phenomenal and at Avatar-standards, if not better. Yes, it’s bigging-up Jimmy C like there’s no tomorrow, but with the amount of Box Office he’s drawn in, I don’t think we can really argue with his motives! Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but this trailer (added to by the amazingly clichéd Celine Dion track that we all love to hate) gave me shivers and I know I’m going to be a blubbering wreck by the end of it.

NADINE: I’m not going to lie, ‘my heart’ enjoyed this trailer….! I’m not sure the film necessarily needs the 3D conversion, but seeing as I never saw the film at the cinema it will be nice to see it enhanced on the big screen.


EMMA: Oh Steve McQueen, how I love thee. This trailer is rather different to the first, with Carey Mulligan’s vocals adding a very haunting ode to the city where this story of sex, lust and desire takes place. I’m a little scared I’m hyping this up too much for myself, but I am still so taken in by the mood that has been portrayed so far and how Fassbender’s subtle expressions say everything. The 13th of January is far too far away….

NADINE: I didn’t think there could be any more amazing trailers for Shame. But there is. I’m still annoyed I probably won’t be able to see this myself due to my age, but I can’t wait until I finally do. I doubt I need to say anymore – just watch.


EMMA: SAM ROCKWELL?!!!!! This film is already a million times better after seeing his face (another prisoner of Cowboys & Aliens). I actually quite like the look of this even if it is basically Superbad with kids instead of cops. Maybe it’s because I still can’t decide how 21 Jump Street is going to work out and we know Hill works well in this mode. However, Moneyball’s the only Jonah Hill project I truly care about right now.

NADINE: The Sitter at first looked quite funny, but now I’m quite embarrassed by it. I enjoyed Pineapple Express a lot more than I thought I would and Your Highness was a film I wanted to enjoy but didn’t as much. So, The Sitter will decide it for me and David Gordon Green films.


EMMA: Now, I’m going to be a little bit cheeky and admit I’ve already seen this film. So it’s a bit unfair of me to comment on this trailer. All I can say is that it doesn’t showcase the film as best it could and I preferred the previous trailer with more singing and dancing – and more Will and Bill the Krill, who are absolutely brilliant. Oh well, at least I said more than Nadine, who blatantly can’t get past the cuteness.

NADINE: Eeee – little cute penguins!


EMMA: An odd little trailer, this doesn’t really say a lot. But I don’t think it has to. It’s already part of the Oscar Race and with Weisz being who she is and Hiddleston one of the fastest rising stars in the world right now, this should be on everyone’s radar. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this and I’m really hoping it’s justified.

NADINE: This looks sweet and is sure to be nominated for awards. The two leads look fantastic together and it’s definitely going to be one I’d cry at.


EMMA: Even though the singing trailer is my absolute favourite, this still has me grinning like an idiot. Hugh Grant is so well cast and the caricatures here are incredibly spot on. The cast is so impressive that a lot of the big names don’t feature in the trailer, but it is just so bloody funny. Nothing could stop me from seeing this and it looks like utter carnage. I can’t wait.

4 responses to “The Great Trailer Debate – Week 3

  1. I caught Hunger recently– review went up on Tuesday– and that alone shot Shame to the top of my “must see before year’s end” list. McQueen, with only two films, is quickly building a name for himself as one of the best fresh directors working today, and Fassbender is picking up steam with each release year. Consider how many films he’s appeared in in 2011 alone. It’s rather mind-bending to think about it, isn’t it?

    Both trailers for both Snow White films leave me cold. I think Snow White and the Huntsman looks far superior to Mirror Mirror but I can’t say that that’s a particularly fine distinction.

    I think I’m officially excited for Hunger Games; the first book reads a lot like Winter’s Bone synthesized with Battle Royale, but I don’t particularly mind the obvious origins since it’s nevertheless its own animal. (Though I wonder if casting Lawrence in the lead is too on the nose.) I still feel like Lionsgate is speaking primarily to people who know the story, but they have time to grab everyone else before March rolls around.

    Brave is something I’ve been looking forward to since it was called The Bear and the Bow. Wrote about it recently on my blog, but suffice to say I’m excited.

    • Hunger is absolutely stunning. Really incredible. Fassbender’s a machine – churning them out at the moment a la Jessica Chastain (part of me thinks they’re the same person….!!).

      Interesting to hear you’re not completely convinced on SWATH when most people are fawning over it. I just want to hear Stewart talk and see what energy she brings. I hope she’s strong here. Theron does look impressive, though, it must be said.

      Ashamed to say I haven’t seen Winter’s Bone yet and you’re definitely spot on with the ‘appealing to the fans’ thing, but I haven’t read the books and it’s already grabbed me. The marketing here’s going to be epic, I think we both know that!

      And bring on Brave – Pixar always have me excited.

  2. Hunger Games – Wasn’t very interested but I’m intrigued since seeing the trailer. Love Jennifer Lawrence.

    Brave – Looks good, I think. Doesn’t really look like a Pixar film to me. I’ve loved every Pixar film except for the two Cars films – well, full disclosure, I didn’t even see Cars 2.

    Mirror, Mirror – I just watched this trailer today, and I think it’s getting a bad wrap in SWATH’s shadow. They’re just different films with different tones. Julia Roberts looks perfectly acceptable and capable as the Witch in my opinion.

    Gone – Looks so-so. Maybe I’ll catch it on DVD.

    Carnage – Hadn’t given this one much thought, as I’d only really seen the poster, but it looks great. Very intrigued now.

    Flynn – The first word that came to mind was “pretentious.” I don’t really like Paul Dano. 😦

    Titanic – I’m kind of baffled by all these 3D re-releases coming up, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this. I like the film and if the 3D really is all that and a bag of chips I’ll be there.

    Pretty excited for Shame. Not quite sure what to expect.

    Very excited for The Sitter – this new trailer (new to me anyway) is even better than what I’ve seen so far. Love Rockwell.

    Deep Blue Sea – Hadn’t heard of this until this post. Looks decent. I’ve loved Weisz ever since The Mummy. So beautiful.

    The Pirates! – Hmm is all I can say. Why the hell is it called In an Adventure with Scientists in the UK? 🙂

    Loving these trailer posts! They’ll keep me busy as far as commenting goes. 🙂

  3. I think Brave’s more of your Disney princess framework, but with a Pixar twist so that it’s far more accessible to the boys, too. I’m hopeful about this, as their original ideas are always the best.

    The more I think about it, the more I agree with what you just said about Mirror Mirror so far being unfortunately in SWATH’s shadow. I just want Tarsem to deliver something great again so badly!

    And, yes, I don’t see Rockwell or Weisz particularly putting a step wrong (let’s forget about Dream House for now…..!!)

    Pirates! is called ‘In An Adventure With Scientists’ over here because it’s focusing on Charles Darwin who is played by the rather wonderful David Tennant.

    Thank you for commenting. I think trailers are often overlooked and it’s FAR too easy to judge a film on its trailer. Just look at Warrior. I think the trailers were horrendous, making it look barely any better than a made for TV movie. But knowing Tom Hardy was in it had me convinced it was going to be special. And then I saw it and it’s firmly in my Top 5 of 2011. It’s actually between that and Drive for the coveted top spot. Just such shoddy marketing in regards to trailers in my opinion. So I’m enjoying this weekly look back to see quite how wrong we are about the films when they come out!

    I’ll hope you’ll keep checking out the others as we put them up 🙂

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