The Great Trailer Debate – Week 2

Ok. Week 2. Thanks to everyone who checked the first one out last week and who got in touch through Twitter, etc. Make sure you keep letting us know if you agree with what each week has to offer – love a good argument!

This week we check out Goon, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Snow White And The Huntsman (TRAILER OF THE WEEK!), Haywire, Safe, The Phantom Menace 3D and A Thousand Words. Later on today the trailer for The Hunger Games will be released. Very exciting. But we will recap that next week!


EMMA: A trailer hasn’t surprised me this much in a long time. And this is only a teaser?! At nearly two minutes that’s ridiculously generous from Universal. And it has brought a whole new level of anticipation to the project for me. After seeing the banners that were released last week, I had a real positive feeling about this and the teaser has only strengthened this opinion. From the opening tones of a-very-Zack-Snyder-production, Huntsman looks like it’s guaranteed to hold its own with some pretty impressive effects for a film that is still more than half a year away. The hinted at battle scenes look suitably epic and authentic, with Stewart looking like she’s going to relish the chance to suit up in her armour. Ultimately this teaser is Theron’s and I don’t know what Tarsem’s going to do with Julia Roberts to make her even come close to the power and sexual energy Theron oozes as The Evil Queen. Also, is Hemsworth Scottish here, or is that just me…?! Either way, if I want to see anyone swinging two axes, it’s Thor himself. Rupert Sanders, you have me officially excited.

NADINE: Absolutely fantastic teaser! There is lots of exciting footage in this initial teaser (which usually give away too much) and although the story is pretty obvious, I hope and feel as if SWATH will offer a lot more than what we see here. It’s Charlize Theron who is the stand out as the beautiful, yet very Evil Queen. It feels a bit similar to 2007’s Stardust with the whole ‘getting Snow White’s heart to make the Queen younger’, but nonetheless this is exciting and the soundtrack moves through you with the groans like the Inception trailer did. Chris Hemsworth shows that his hammer skills have become handy in using an axe and though Kristen Stewart is mute, she looks like she will surprise a lot of people as Snow White. Sadly, no footage of the seven dwarves but filming is still underway and the film’s release is next summer so we have something to look forward to. Until then, this trailer is exciting enough!


EMMA: What is it about Ewan McGregor that always makes me remember people are acting? Anyway.. I’ve been intrigued by Soderbergh’s Haywire for a while now and Gina Carano can obviously pack a hell of a punch. That opening sequence you see with her and Fassy involved all their own fighting. Impressive. I love the shock value that opening gives for those that aren’t initially aware of the premise, but I’m still questioning whether Soderbergh reveals a massive spoiler or not at the end of Carano and Fassbender’s tussle? This second trailer gives us more Michael Douglas than we’ve previously seen, but that doesn’t sell this to me. The title cards make it look a little cheap and the second half of the trailer adheres to this. In all honesty, I doubt Fassy’s in this for much more than ten minutes, but they’re obviously trying to sell the film with his face as Carano’s a relative unknown. Regardless, I think this will really appeal to the lads, but I’ll still be there.

NADINE: Emma and I saw the initial trailer and some footage at Empire Big Screen where I first met Emma, but for me, the only thing pulling me in is Michael Fassbender and Ewan McGregor. The action looks great (mostly Gina Carano kicking Fassbender’s bottom) and the soundtrack is cool, but yeah – I’ll have to see with this one.


EMMA: A gravelly-voiced fella and a kid who goes all Beautiful Mind take on the gangs of New York. Ahhh, The Stath. I’ll watch this on DVD. Or TV. Maybe. Or not.

NADINE: Woah. Was not expecting to get into that trailer! Jason Statham is doing what he does best and I must say it looks quite good. Safe shows that the story is pretty much every other Statham film, but bring in a cute, smart little girl and I’m kind of won over. Not enough to see it in the cinema, but will probably watch it at home on DVD no doubt.


EMMA: I’m kind of sold. Firstly, it’s good to see Seann William Scott do something other than his Stifler act and pairing up with Frat Pack alumni is no bad way of going about this. Liev Schreiber adds some pretty reliable bulk to this trailer, too. This made me smile and I’m definitely looking forward to it, mainly out of curiosity. It’ll also be interesting to see how it does over here in the UK where Ice Hockey isn’t a massive sport. But I think with the right marketing this could do pretty well. I think it looks like fun – and we all love a good bit of blood!

NADINE: The only thing that pleased me about the Goon trailer was Jay Baruchel. Other than that I am uninterested. Written by Evan Goldberg and Jay Baruchel, I won’t be surprised if I do end up liking this, though! This Red Band trailer shows blood, swearing and lots of punching.


EMMA: I would rather eat my own arm than watch this. In fact, I have a feeling I’d eat my own arm if I did sit through this. I also hope Vanessa Hudgens gets eaten by a very large and nasty insect. I’ve got to say that I’m surprised to see Josh Hutcherson return for this sequel as I thought he was really great in The Kids Are All Right. But, with the very sought after role of Peeta coming up in The Hunger Games, this boy is set for at least the next few years. This also seems to be somewhat of a back step for The Rock, but he obviously enjoys doing as many different genres as he can. Michael Caine’s appearance confirms that this island is where he lives while not working for Christopher Nolan and the less said about The Rock’s pec movements, the better.

NADINE: I didn’t even know a sequel to Journey To The Centre Of The Earth was being made, so this trailer was a surprise. The use of 3D isn’t a surprise, though, as Journey 2 is going to be looking at bigger and better 3D than the first, with The Rock replacing Brendan Fraser. Josh Hutcherson is someone I think is going to go a long way in years to come, so it’s a shame he’s gone back to this. I admit I laughed at the last part of the trailer, but it’s going to have to be a miss for me.


EMMA: I’m extremely torn when it comes to this 3D re-release. Referred to in the trailer as ‘The Greatest Saga Of All Time’, this is undoubtedly true of Episodes IV, V and VI. But I can’t justify not seeing Episodes I-III in 3D at the cinema when I’ll definitely be first in line for the original trilogy. Maybe viewing it with fresh eyes will be a good thing. But I’ll probably still want to finish off Jar Jar and Jake Lloyd. Kudos to Lucasfilm for keeping Jar Jar’s appearance in this trailer down to barely even one second of screen time – you’ve earned yourself a lot of brownie points there. And also admitted your fault, well done (I think). Lucas doesn’t need the money, and one would hope that if anyone’s going to bring their A-game to 3D re-releases aside from Cameron, it would be Lucas. We will see.

NADINE: Being five years-old when The Phantom Menace came out, it was the first Star Wars I saw on the big screen. Because of that, the film has remained one of my favourites because of the fact it brings me good memories. The 3D malarkey that Mr Lucas has decided to bring to the franchise is unneeded, as a simple HD version on the big screen would be great, but hey, it’s more money. And after seeing The Lion King in 3D this year, it does add a little more excitement to cinematic masterpieces. I understand how it’s not one of the most favoured of the franchise, but Phantom Menace will probably be the best out of the lot for 3D with the pod racing. It’ll be one to see at the cinema again, that’s for sure.


EMMA: Looking like a much less interesting version of Liar Liar, Eddie Murphy’s back with A Thousand Words. Ironic, seeing as he doesn’t talk for the majority of the trailer. MEGA LOLZZZZ. Irony aside, I may have semi-laughed during this trailer and I’m ashamed of myself, but I kept thinking ‘at least this isn’t Adam Sandler’. It’s unfortunate Alison Janney doesn’t feature in the trailer, as I do sort of love her. But this trailer ultimately fails in the way it managed to lose me in regards to the plot – surely this film has the simplest plot in the world? – which can’t be a good thing.

NADINE: A Thousand Words should be the type of film I don’t want to see, but I admit I laughed at this trailer. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be fantastic or even good, but A Thousand Words looks more good Eddie Murphy than bad.

4 responses to “The Great Trailer Debate – Week 2

  1. I am actually a bit embarrassed to admit it, but Snow White looks pretty good…

    anyway, welcome to LAMB!!

  2. Hello there!

    SWATH – Looks good. Hadn’t really been interested in it before but the trailer changed my mind.

    Haywire – Been intrigued for a while now but that January release date worries me.

    Safe – Hadn’t heard of this one. Looks weird. Chris Sarandon is in this??

    Goon – Pretty excited for this one. Loving the cast, especially Alison Pill 🙂

    Journey 2 – …

    Star Wars – I like the originals but that trailer did nothing for me. This is beyond cashing in. Every few years they’ll just release them on whatever format is new.

    1000 Words – Who in the hell would honestly lie about labor to get coffee? And why would anyone’s reaction be “You can go in front of me?” I would think “Damn, you better get to the hospital!” would be my reaction.

    But you know, that didn’t look all that bad. Seems like Eddie’s making “hot horrible” films these days, but that’s still not the same as “good” films.

    Welcome to LAMB, drop by our blog any time!

    • Thank you for such a nice, detailed comment – love it!

      Love when trailers change your mind on a project you’ve never been interested in, but it’s always hard to know quite how it’s all going to come together! Glad you’re excited about Goon, as I’m honestly really looking forward to it. AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT THAT COFFEE/HOSPITAL THING!!

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I’m off to check out your blog now!!

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