The Great Trailer Debate – Week 1

Trailers come and trailers go and, to be fair, a lot of people don’t watch them unless they happen to be spliced onto the front of whatever film you’ve gone to see at the cinema. But that couldn’t be further from the truth in regards to Nadine (find her blog here) and I. So, we’ve decided to bring you The Great Trailer Debate, a bitesize and easy to digest way of glancing over what the week’s had to offer. This week we cover Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, ParaNorman, The Lorax, Shame, American Reunion, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Wanderlust, Underworld Awakening, Safe House and 21 Jump Street. And remember – a good trailer doesn’t necessarily bring us a good film.


Now, I definitely laughed a little too hard when Nadine reminded me YouTube won’t let her watch Red Band trailers (although she has seen the Green Band version) when she’s only 17. So the 23 year-old me will have to argue this trailer’s case.

EMMA: Quite honestly this trailer could have benefited from some bigger laugh out loud moments as it seems a little confused to whether it’s trying to tell the audience it’s going to have a lot of explosions in it or not. It appears to be a prequel to The Others Guys (had Ferrell and Wahlberg’s characters been cool), with Ice Cube seemingly wanting to be Sean Combs’ role from Get Him To The Greek. I need to see more to be sold on the idea that Hill and Tatum can get away with being high school students when they’re both nearly 30, but the bromance aspect looks pretty solid and although Tatum isn’t known for his comedy chops, at least he’ll pull in the female viewers. Not the slickest of trailers, I think it’s fair to say that 21 Jump Street will have more to it than the long-awaited Johnny Depp cameo.

NADINE: Another TV series turned film. With a slim looking Hill and less dancey Tatum in a very funny trailer, could 21 Jump Street be one of funniest action comedies of next year? Possibly.


EMMA: Definitely Denzel doing what Denzel does best – action. Although it’s directed by Daniel Espinosa, this trailer couldn’t be more Tony Scott if it tried. Patrick, Gleeson and Farmiga offer a brilliant supporting cast and hopefully Reynolds will have a bit more luck after his recent Box Office spankings. Promising to be an extremely fast paced ride, check out the big titles a la The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo at the end. Oh, and expect more of this Fincher-stealing over the next few months, I reckon.

NADINE: Denzel Washington + Ryan Reynolds + guns + fast cars + a very cool soundtrack = a very fun trailer.


EMMA: I think Nadine and I agree pretty much wholeheartedly on this one. Neither of us have seen any of the series and quite frankly I just don’t care. Apart from Beckinsale and Speedman looking and sounding sexy as hell, nothing appeals to me here and it unfortunately wreaks of little more than an above standard straight-to-DVD sequel. Oh yeah, and Charles Dance is in it.

NADINE: Having not seen the other Underworld films I feel quite lost. With not so sparkly vampires and not so loveable werewolves, Underworld Awakening looks frightfully crazy.


EMMA: Ok, I have to admit, it looks like Jen An could possibly be funny here. Well, more in the vein of Bruce Almighty than The Bounty Hunter at least. Beyond that, I have faith in David Wain (director of Role Models) and Paul Rudd to make this bearable, but if it wasn’t for Rudd, this trailer could have been a little bland. Look out for the R. Kelly joke.

NADINE: From producer Judd Apatow and director of Role Models David Wain, Wanderlust reteams Aniston and Rudd in what will hopefully be a very funny comedy.


EMMA: Wow. This is one haunting trailer and is made even more so due to the brilliant juxtaposition of the opening song. I haven’t seen the film yet (not on at enough cinemas near me), but my anticipation is unrivalled in regards to currently released films and the chilling tone and stunning cast make this definite Oscar material – and I’m definitely Team Tilda.

NADINE: The UK have had the delight of the release of We Need To Talk About Kevin already (sadly, I also haven’t seen it…yet). This trailer shows the brutality of Ezra Miller’s sinful Kevin and Tilda Swinton’s fantastic performance as Kevin’s mother, Eva. With a change of soundtrack and fantastic quick cuts of the film, this trailer is a little more haunting than you’d expect at first.


EMMA: Never a fan of the series, I can see why this Reunion appeals to quite so many people. Jokes are brought up to date with Twilight and Real Housewives referenced, but it will be interesting to see if this sequel plays simply to the original fans, or loses its initial appeal by trying to win over new ones. Either way, you’re going to have to wait until April 2012 to find out.

NADINE: The full-length American Pie Reunion trailer has the feel of the originals and shows that nothing has changed in the five mens’ boyish interests. It looks like another hilarious sequel which is sure to bring in the money and fans will definitely enjoy this trailer.


EMMA: Where do I even begin…. This is such a stunning trailer and Fassbender’s presence is impressive to say the least. Combining an emotional score with enough edginess and subtleties to keep spoilers at a minimum, McQueen gives us a trailer that makes us want to see this right now. And it pains me that I have to wait.

NADINE: Venice Award-winning Michael Fassbender and director Steve McQueen reunite in this glorious trailer for Shame. There is no doubt that this film is going to be fantastic.


EMMA: It’s a little hard to hate Dr. Seuss. Away from The Cat In The Hat, that is. The song used here has you grinning from the start and the animation (from the people behind Despicable Me) is both adorable and glorious. Looking like this could also be one for the adults, the cast looks set to be a lot of fun, with Danny DeVito and Betty White the obvious highlights.


EMMA: When it’s from the people behind Coraline, it makes sense that ParaNorman’s trailer is a little on the dark side. However, the quirky animation and great choice of song make the trailer just the right side of scary for kids. I can’t guarantee the film will be quite that way, though. The appeal for me is that our little hero looks like a fairly average kid which is something we don’t see enough of anymore.

NADINE: From the makers of Coraline, ParaNorman is an animated tale of a young boy who can talk to the dead and gets himself in a lot of trouble with zombies, ghosts and… the paranormal! In a beautiful trailer, ParaNorman looks very charming and extremely freaky.


EMMA: Ok, so this turns me into a little kid. I preferred the teaser, but it’s never a bad thing to get more from Simon Pegg. It excites me a lot to see Michael Nyqvist, but I’m confused as to the reason for the (potentially) rather large spoiler near the start. Guaranteed to be no holds barred action, it’s nice to see Ethan do his crazy I-just-dodged-out-of-the-way-of-a-flipping-car stunt and that insane jump off the building he does at the end needs to be seen in IMAX, oh yes.

NADINE: One of the most anticipated films due in the final two months of 2011. Classic theme, classic plot, but something is telling me M:I 4 is going to be a lot more complicated than that.

Disagree with anything we said this week? Anything else you want to add? Let us know in the comments box below!

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  1. Hehe, I have seen the Red band I just couldn’t get the link for it!
    Wanna read some comments so people be commenting! Can’t wait to write more 😀

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