My Top Ten Films Of 2011

With Oscar buzz pretty much in full swing and September 23rd (yesterday) being a brilliant day in regards to film releases, I thought I better start writing about my personal favourites from this year. There’s a lot to remember and it’s hard to think that both Natalie Portman and Colin Firth won Oscars for films that were actually released in 2011.

This list is solely done by UK release dates, so there is a slight overlap (e.g.: The Fighter and Troll Hunter’s respective original American and Norwegian releases) and for now this is simply in alphabetical order, but will change as and when I feel another film deserves a place in 2011’s Top Ten. Keep checking up on it and come December there will be a nice, fleshed-out round-up to explain my choices and what narrowly missed out and why.

MY TOP TEN FOR 2011 (so far…. and alphabetical!):

Another Earth


Black Swan

Blue Valentine


The Skin I Live In

Take Shelter


The Tree Of Life


4 responses to “My Top Ten Films Of 2011

  1. Ee can’t wait to see what it’ll be like at the end of the year!

    • I hope I’m able to work out a proper order for them….! Drive and Warrior are killing it right now as far as I’m concerned. You seen Warrior yet? I know you’ll have trouble getting into Drive!

  2. Sarah Clutterbuck

    I have only seen two of those films!!!!!!!! Whoopsie x

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